10. The Chinese Giant Salamander

10 salamander

Look at that thing! This Salamander is the largest in the world, and can grow to an incredible 6 feet long. You’ll have to travel to China to see it though,as per the name, this Salamander only exists in streams and lakes in China.

Sadly it is an endangered species because it is considered a delicacy for well heeled Chinese citizens, and is also used in numerous traditional Chinese medicines. You’ll find this rare and endangered species in only 9 zoos in the USA and Europe, and in a vanishingly small part of China too. Luckily the Chinese have finally accepted that they are destroying this wonderful creature, so here’s hoping it is not too late and it doesn’t become extinct.

The Salamander is an amphibian (like a frog or toad) – and is the largest in the world. The average salamander is about 115cm long and weighs in at around 25-30 kg. These haunting creatures are also well known to make noises like that of a human child – especially when in distress – and are affectionalitely known as the “infant child” in China.