Here is some amazing news: you can start giving up certain shop-bought beauty products forever and start making your own. Whatever your needs are, there is sure to be a remedy: dry skin, age spots, dandruff, acne – there are homemade solutions.

Let the Games Begin! 10 Beauty Products to Stop Buying Forever and Start Making Yourself

1. Facial Toners


Branded facial toners are a pure waste of money. Instead, try micellar water, which cleanses and tones as well as removes makeup all in one single step and in one single bottle. Want brighter, glowing skin? Use a natural kiwi and strawberry facial polish. No need for a ton of different beauty products! Prepare a honey face wash that is natural and ever so gentle on your skin to keep skin soft and glowing as well as toned.

What could be more decadent than a stunning chocolate facial? The cocoa in the chocolate works to cleanse and soften your skin, leaving you feeling deliciously sweeter, smoother, and refreshed. Melt down a bar of good quality dark chocolate and use a facial paint brush to apply. Leave to set before rinsing off. Yum!

Alternatively, a mango mask not only feels pampering, but it nourishes your skin, too. In a food processor, mix a quarter of a mango, a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of finely ground oats, and a quarter cup of milk. Blend the mixture until smooth and apply to clean skin.

Leave to set for 15 minutes and wash off using a warm facecloth. These are all super-easy solutions and use ingredients you probably already have, or that won’t cost you an absolute fortune the way branded merchandise does. While you’re at it, don’t spend a fortune on anti-wrinkle chemicals. Instead make a concoction of pears and apples and apply to your skin.