The modern celebrity now more than ever has to be at their physical best at all times. Sometimes what nature gave you simply isn’t enough, and its time for the cosmetic surgeon. Here is our list of the 24 most dramatic teeth surgery with dramatic before and after pics.

1. Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman Teeth, Morgan Freeman Veneers, Morgan Freeman Dentist
At Daily Edition, we absolutely love Morgan, his films are consistently excellent. His teeth however are also famous having their own Facebook fan-page. It seems with all this attention, Morgan saw the need to get some dental work carried out.

Despite his amazing acting ability, he had commented that his acting work was beginning to dry up simply because he was getting yellow teeth as he aged. The veneers and teeth whitening clearly paid off thousands of times over, as he remains one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood today.

Judging from our before and after pic, it looks like Morgan has had some dental veneers and teeth whitening done. He’s a real elder statesman of cinema and is now 80 years old, and still going strong in the Hollywood movie industry.

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2. George Clooney

George Clooney Dental, Dental Work George Clooney, Veneers George Clooney

George’s career really took off after his role in ER, where he starred as the attractive Dr Doug Ross.

Back in the days of being a mere mortal TV actor the talented Mr Clooney could get away with having slightly imperfect teeth, he looked more like the rest of us.

As soon as he hit mega stardom, it was time to sort out that smile with some dental surgery. We suspect dental implants and a degree of cosmetic dentistry sorted out his smile.

George has recently hit the headlines for political activism, though he still stars in some amazing movies. We recommend you check out Gravity with Sandra Bullock – where you can marvel at his acting skills, as well as his perfect, capped and veneered teeth!

3. Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay suffered from chronic tooth staining from smoking, drinking, and doing god knows what else with her mouth. She got her prematurely degraded and decaying teeth sorted when they started resembling Gollums teeth, opting for a full set of dental veneers.

She looks ‘slightly’ better, but the internet abounds with stories of her frequently cracking her veneers, so we suspect before long she will be back to her original tomb stones.

It seems despite spending thousands of dollars on dental veneers, Lindsay just can’t seem to keep her teeth clean and in good condition!

4. Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage Dental Work, Nick Cage Veneers, Dental Surgery Nicolas Cage

To be fair, waaaaaay back in 1984, when Nicholas Cage first fixed his teeth, the world was a different place. Back in these days people couldn’t tell Americans from British simply by examining their smiles. The world was simpler and everyone was slightly uglier. Time moves on however, and Nicholas moves with it. Today he rocks a perfect set of veneers, and to be honest – the above photo is probably the best advert for dental surgery ever.

The dental surgery Nicholas Cage had done is one of the most dramatic you’ll see anywhere – you can see before he had Yellow, crooked teeth and his whole mouth teeth replacement with veneers is dramatic and pleasing.

5. Celine Dion

Celine Dion Veneers, Celine Dion Teeth, Celine Dion Cosmetic Surgery

Now I know that readers are likely too transfixed by the crazy hair and strangely equine facial expression of Ms Dion in the photo above, but spare a minute to check out her dental transformation. She has had cosmetic dentistry to equal out her teeth, and then veneers to perfect their shape.

She had dental crowns placed over her overly large incisors, which brought them in line with the rest of her teeth and gave her a much more proportionate smile. The whitening fixed her yellowish teeth appearance, and the results were instant and dramatic.

6. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Veneers, Miley Cyrus Dental Surgery, Miley Cyrus Cosmetic Surgery

This is quite odd, despite having teeth at all angles in the first shot, Miley actually looks better in the first photo.

Miley needed a whole tonne of dental surgery including invisalign dental braces, veneers, and a lifetime supply of corrector fluid to keep her teeth this white. Her teeth may be her only attribute that can be described as ‘clean’

You can see the dramatic difference in the state of her teeth – the incisors look longer and much more in harmoney with the front 2 teeth. The teeth obviously look much whiter too – testament to the veneers and teeth whitening.

7. Zach Efron

Zac Efron Teeth, Zac Efron Veneers, Dental Cosmetic Surgery

Part of Zachs charm was that he could pull off that high school jock / cool kid so effortlessly. The gap between his front teeth, although big enough to eat through, gave him a quirky more real look. Zach fixed this gap with some white filling and bonding, and no longer has a quirky look.

By looking at the picture, it is clear that he had large pocelain veneers to cover the gap between the front 2 teeth. He also had extensive teeth whitening to give him his now perfectly white smile, showing a dazzling set of pearly white, perfectly proportioned teeth!

8. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson Teeth, Scarlett Johansson Dental Surgery, Scarlett Johansson Dentist

Scarlett fixed her teeth the traditional way with a dental brace as she made her way towards fame. This choice served her well and her stardom has continue to grow.

Despite being on a huge number of hottest women lists, recently the Internet has once again started to pay attention to her teeth, and her apparent dislike of toothbrushes. Looking at the before and after pics, it’s clear that Johansson has definitely had veneers and implants added to improve the overall harmony of her teeth.

9. Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Dentist, Teeth Whitening, Teeth Bleach

Victoria being British, was always at high risk of having teeth at all sorts of crazy angles. She was one of a very fortunate few born that year on the rainy island with straight and true teeth.

She needed no particular dental help through her career in the Spice Girls through to fashionista wife of David Beckham.

Upon arrival in America however, it quickly became clear that her teeth needed to be blindingly white to fit in with the superstars.
She’s had veneers, teeth whitening and deep cleaning to give her the white shaded teeth that you see in the picture.

10. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Teeth, Tom Cruise Dentist, Tom Cruise Veneers

WOW! I am 100% sure that Mr Cruise did not want this early photo from his dentist to ever see the light of day. What could be a better advert for a good cosmetic dental surgeon!

After getting his teeth fixed, Tom went on to become a leading male superstar for the next two decades. Tom’s teeth these days set the bar for utter dental perfection.

The internet is absolutely full of pictures of Tom Cruises teeth – but in typical alpha male fashion, Tom has not made any secret of his extensive dental surgery and tooth whitening.

11. Ben Affleck

ben affleck cosmetic dentistry, ben affleck porcelain veneers, ben affleck crowns on teeth, ben affleck teeth whitening
Looking at Ben Affleck’s before and after photo, we see yet another dramatic difference in the appearance of the teeth. The before photo shows uneven spacing, an unharmonious appearance and some pretty yellow looking teeth!

Like Tom Cruise, it appears that Affleck has had procelain veneers added to all the visible areas of his teeth – both upper and lower jaw. You can also see that the teeth look much whiter – so he has had either teeth whitening, crowns, or the veneers themselves have been specially selected to give him that patented Hollywood smile.

12. Demi Moore

demi moore teeth whitening, demi moore cosmetic dentistry, demi moore veneers
Is this the most dramatic before and after Dental Surgery photo in our entire list? Where do we start with Demi Moore’s teeth and smile improvement?

First, let’s start with the face – Demi has obviously lost weight, and you can see her perfect bone structure showing through in the after picture. But the teeth themselves have undergone a very dramatic transformation.

She must have had excellent veneers added to all of her front and lower teeth – once again they now look like a perfect set of beautiful white teeth that are totally harmonious with her face.

13. David Beckham

david backham dental surgery, david backham veneers, david beckham teeth

The British football star, then US media celebrity is famed just as much for his great looks as well as his footballing skills. However a quick glance at this photo proves his teeth used to let him down before he had dental surgery.

Looks like David has dental deep teeth cleansing and a whole new set of dental veneers to straighten up his smile, improve the colouring of his teeth and overall give the teeth a more even look. As the photo shows, with his upgraded set of teeth, Beckahm looks better than ever!

14. Kate Beckinsale

kate beckinsale teeth; kate beckinsale dental surgery; kate beckinsale veneers

Yet another British celeb to add to our list – it seems that it really is true : the British are born with naturally yellow teeth!

As you can see from the photo, Kate has improved on her natural beauty with a set of perfectly straight and white dental veneers and the difference to her smile is dramatic.

The veeneers make her teeth 2-3 shades brighter, and the teeth also look more in harmony for her mouth and facial shape. Kate has reportedly used porcelain veneers to achieve this look, at a cost of around $20,000 for a full set.

15. Cheryl Cole

cheryl-cole-dental-surgery;procelain veneers;braces;invisalign

Aged only 33, Cheryl Cole is yet another British celebrity to make it to our list of poor teeth! As you can see from the picture, she had the typically British affliction of yellow and misshapen incisors, which lasted until she started to appear on TV and became a star.

Following her TV appearances, Cheryl became very self concious of her teeth and promptly spent $70,000 on porcelain veneers, whitening, invasilign braces and teeth reshaping.

She looks more radiant and beautiful and ever with the new teeth and her career has taken off as a result.

16. Michael Douglas

michael douglas teeth; michael douglas veneers;michael douglas dental surgery

The ageing star has clearly had some significant dental work done. Despite his ageing appearance, he’s been famous as a leading man for decades but his teeth have always let him down. Looking at the before and after picture, you can see that due to his dental surgery, he actually looks better as an older man due to the improvement in his smile.

He’s clearly had a full set of dental veeners, deep cleansing and teeth rehsaping to give him a perfect smile with teeth that are about 3 shades brighter than they used to be. They sit well on his face and give him the look of the attractive and healthy older man, which has allowed him to reinvigorate his career in recent years. Nice!

17. Johnny Depp

Star of seemingly hundreds of hit movies, voted the worlds hottest man several times – so it´s something of a surprise to learn that Depp´s teeth have only a passing acquaintance with a toothbrush! He´s been a heavy smoker for many years, as you can see from the yellowing colour of the top and bottom row of teeth. Not to mention the designer Gold implants too!

We love your movies Johnny Depp, but please, sort those gnashers out!

18. Madonna

The original Material Girl, and the world´s best selling female pop star (by a long way), Madonna has reinvented herself successfully over the past 4 decades, which explains her staying power and continued relevance even in 2017.

She is mega fit, if you look at her latest shows, she´s still in fantastic shape despite being in her 50s.

So it comes as something of a surprise that she´s never thought about sorting out her teeth. With a Net Worth of over $600 million, you would think she would be able to afford a set of dental veneers to cover her yellowing, spaced out teeth!

19. Blake Lively

Famous for her role as Serena van der Woodsen in the CW drama series Gossip Girl, and recent star of the Hit Movie, The Shallows, Blake´s career seems to be going from strength to strength. She´s also managed to wife up the infamous Ryan Reynolds too, apparently.

It´s no surprise then that she decided to bite the bullet and visit a Hollywood Dental Surgeon, to sort out her sharp incisors and slightly yellowing teeth.

The result : a beautiful set of dazzlingly white perfectly straight teeth that you see today!