10. Gwyneth Paltrow


Gwyneth is now 43 years of age and still looks fabulous, whilst her career still blossoms. She IS defying Hollywood norms though, where actresses are prized for their youth and beauty (and acting talent), and rare exceptions aside like Meryl Streep, actresses by and large don´t get so many roles once they get past 35 or so.

Gwyneth recently stated she “loves her wrinkles” but also said she´d “rather die” than study her face in the mirror..So perhaps a touch of bravado?

9. Jenifer Lopez


Now 46 years old, Jennifer seems to be getting younger with each passing year! According to close sources, Jennifer uses the CACI non-surgical facial lift treatment, which explains how she manages to look youthful and radiant at all times.

We salute you J LO!

8. Sandra Bullock


Sandra Bullock is now a scarcely believable 50 years of age! Amazingly she doesn´t have any complicated beauty secrets, just a regular facecloth and a skin cream.

She does work out as much as possible though, doing Pilates, kickboxing and weight training (which might explain her still hot figure in the recent sci fi smash hit Gravity.

7. Alicia Silverstone

11 Alicia Silverstone

Since her early years as Fred Savage´s dream girl, right through to starring in the Batman franchise, Alicia´s career has taken something of a nosedive, to put it mildly.

This seems odd given that just like the rest of our list, she has seemingly managed to sidestep the ageing process. Perhaps it´s the Batman Curse?

6. Demi Moore

12 Demi Moore

Demi Moore has had a stellar career spanning over 30 years. Now age 52, she STILL doesn´t show many external signs of ageing, except perhaps the odd stray grey lock of hair.

Demi has had a somewhat up and down private life and we suspect one of the reasons for her seemingly eternal youth is the string of younger male partners…

5. Edward Norton

13 Ed Norton

He´s been nominated for an Academy Award 3 times since he first explolded onto the scene playing opposite Richard Gere in Primal Fear. Since then, Ed Norton´s career has gone from strength the strength, having starred in many classic movies including Fight Club, American History X and even The Score, with Robert De Niro and Marlon Brando.

Life has been kind to Mr Norton, as you can see from his non aged appearance in our photo above.

4. Halle Berry

14 Helle Berry

Incredibly, Halle Berry is 48 and could still probably pass for someone in her 20´s. She has a strict skincare regimen, as well as working out religiously almost 5 times per week. This tells in her toned but naturally curvacious figure…

3. Jennifer Aniston

15 Jeniffer Aniston

It looks like Jennifer Aniston, now over the age of 45, has not even aged since the mid 90´s. She´s still got her great slim figure, great skin and perfect tan.

Jennifer doesn´t use many products and just eats healthy foods, stays out of the sun (she uses tanning products instead), and works out a lot. A recipe for success for us all, we think.

2. Liv Tyler

16 Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler is ageing exceptionally well, as our picture proves. However she has mentioned she inherited her now deceased fathers genetics and is now starting to get “more pronounced” jowls, plus the odd grey hair.

She is philosophical about the ageing process however and states she appreciates what she was given for her looks and is grateful for it.

1. Mini Driver

17 Mini Driver

Mini Driver first became known for her role opposite Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting (come to think of it, Matt Damon has hardly aged either, perhaps he should be in our list?)

We feel she looked about 35 in that role, despite being only 27, but she STILL looks the same now all this time later. Perhaps her and Damon are freaks from another Galaxy, or something..