Being in the public eye must be tough for celebrities (but hey, that´s why they´re paid HUGE sums of money, right? It goes with the territory.)

Here we list celebrities who couldn´t even exercise the most basic of disciplines – what food they put in their mouth, and as a result totally let themselves go…From Fit to Fat!

Matt Damon

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Matt Damon is the world’s most bankable movie star – Hollywood execs have crunched the numbers and Damon is No1 – meaning if you cast him in a movie it will definitely make huge profits.

The star has been voted the world’s hottest man several times, but as you can see from our picture, when he’s not playing an action hero Damon likes to let it all hang out and pile on the weight!

Fortunately for Matt Damon, he can lose the weight easily (unlike the rest of us!) – this is a man who has it all!