By the time we reach our thirties we would all like to think that we are a little more worldly wise, elegant, and comfortable with our place in the world. More Audrey Hepburn, less Miley Cyrus. Many of us still have dreaded items in our closets though, and ladies, its time to throw these away, they have no place on in our 30’s. Here is our list of the worst 10 offenders.

1. Leopard Skin Anything.


Unless you are dating Donald Trump, this obnoxious print has no place in your wardrobe. We question why anyone would own something like this, but 30 and onward we have more class. Its time to bin these.

2. Massive Hoop Earrings


These are typically worn by younger teens discovering which jewelery suits them, by the age of thirty you should have discovered your style, and big bling earrings are not synonymous with style.

3. Boob Tubes


Even if you have been working hard in the gym, and eating grass to maintain a teenage body, these tops have no place with over thirties. Leave something to the imagination and dont try to hang-on to a younger aged style. At best they dont match age, at worst they can look truly terrible.

4. Massive Oversize Sunglasses


These glasses are for younger ladies who dont know better, and Kim Kardashian types. When you hit thirty its perfectly fine to wear sunglasses that fit your face. Its also fine to drop the duckface selfie posts to Facebook.

5. Anything Bedazzled


I suspect that many of us stopped buying these well before our 30th birthdays, but many of us still have them in the closet and they make an appearance from time to time. Its time to introduce them once and for all to the trash can.

6. Short Shorts


Shorts have receded over the past few years to the point that 50% of your bottom now shows in some models.  The photo above is airbrushed and photoshopped, even women in their 20’s dont look like this. In your 30’s even if you have a great butt its time to apply the less is more rule.

7. Printed Tights


If the highlight of your outfit is a pair of printed tights, then its time to reassess your wardrobe. These styled pantyhose were fine in our 20’s but now its time to bring the class that our age affords us to the table.

8. Dungarees


In our late teens and early 20’s its cool that our outfit shouts struggling artist or cool bohemian. Wearing these into your 30’s screams that you were just painting the house, and lets be honest, they make our butts look terrible at any age.

9. Mini Skirt


The super short mini skirt screams that you arent happy about your age, or worse are utterly unaware of it. Leave these to the bar hopping 20 somethings, at thirty we can be confident in a more subtle style that doesn’t occasionally flash our control top panties.

10. Furry Boots


Luckily these boots seem to be disappearing recently. If you still have some, its time to say good bye. They are a kids fad, and women over thirty wearing them look like they are trying to copy their daughters.

What did you think of our list, leave us a comment below. Are there other things that should be thrown, do you disagree with our choices? Let Us Know.