It seems that pole dancing went rather mainstream when soccer moms began talking about it. And no doubt you remember when Miley Cyrus gave it a go in 2009 at the Teen Choice Awards. Since then, the activity continues to seduce women, and men, alike. So, who are the latest celebrities to take to the pole?

1. Emma Watson


It’s been rumored that the actress has taken up pole dancing to learn to dance like a stripper for her role in The Bling Ring. Although she doubted she would enjoy it, sources say she is amazed at the results and how toned her body has become. In fact, Emma admits that learning to pole dance was more physically taxing as opposed to emotionally (about performing some saucy choreography).

The well-known actress who played loveable Hermione in the popular Harry Potter movies transformed herself into a sex-bomb for Bling Ring, a somewhat disturbing tale of privilege, burglary, and celebrity. The movie made it to the Cannes film Festival and tells the story of a gang of teenagers who prey on the Hollywood homes of (fellow pole dancer) Paris Hilton), Orlando Bloom, and the like.

The gang is dubbed the Bling Ring by the media and are eventually captured. Emma Watson plays Nicki, a home-schooled, fame-hungry rich kid who happens to have quite a knack for pole dancing. She couldn’t be anything less like Hermione!

2. Kate Hudson

It is said that Kate Hudson adores pole dancing so much so that she has installed a pole in her own bathroom. Friends have said Hudson is proud of her poll and giggles like a kid when she climbs on. According to Hudson, pole dancing is one of her favorite workouts as it give the body and intense, all-over training session.

Born in 1979, Hudson rose to fame in 2000 for her role in Almost Famous, a part she won a Golden Globe for. Other well-known films include Raising Helen, Bride Wars, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, You, Me and Dupree, and The Skeleton Key. A fitness fanatic, Kate Hudson has not only mastered the art of pole dancing, but she has also co-founded Fabletics which is a membership program and fitness brand operated by JustFab.

3. Heather Graham


This lady appreciates the pole dancing workout she gets. She does Pilates and yoga and recently she began learning pole dancing by attending a friends’ class. According to Graham, her partner is pretty happy about her choice of fitness routines.

At the age of 44, just a couple of years ago, Graham claimed to find her fountain of youth, and we must say, she looks much younger than her 40-somethings! Best of all, she doesn’t have that plastic, inflated look so many of her red-carpet counterparts have adopted. One of Heather’s secrets is to combine her pole dancing with plenty of yoga. In fact, she is said to practice yoga for as much as 4 hours per day. Clearly, this lovely lady has benefited from the effects of relaxation movements combined with sexy pole exercise.

4. Paris Hilton


Hilton is said to be such a fan of pole dancing that she gave her buddy, Britney Spears lessons. Apparently, in 2006, Paris dressed Spears in a blue tutu and Paris put on a matching one before heading to Paris’s in-house pole to bust a few moves. What’s more, the hotel heiress has often been spotted working the pole for fun on a clubbing night out.

A model, fashion designer, socialite, and actress, Paris is always in superb shape. Never mind the scandals she is known to make the papers for, this lovely lady is accustomed to the high life, prison, and loads of physical activity. So, she really has no other option than to look glowing and in the best shape at all times. Hilton sports a naturally slender body and we have no doubt her pole dancing past-time contributes to her slender physique.

5. Jennifer Aniston


When she starred in We Are The Millers, Jen took a couple of dancing lessons to get ready for her stripper scenes. The Friends star insists that the part of a curvy pole dancer took an extreme physical toll on her body. The actress has said she attended a “scary gym with a scary trainer” who made her do some intense moves. Jen had to get very strict with her diet and keep persistent workout routines. Once she’d learned what she needed to for her role, she claims she stayed away from the gym for months!

This beauty has barely put on a pound since her days as Rachel in the sitcom Friends. Now, she has revealed that she does her best to fit in 10 to 20 minutes of relaxing transcendental meditation before she even has breakfast. She practices with her husband, Justin Theroux. What’s more, the fuel up on banana and berry protein shakes. No doubt that serves as an amazing power boost for her pole dancing workout routines!

6. Cindy Crawford


Crawford credits her pole dancing classes to keeping her marriage intact. The supermodel siren says she used pole dancing to tap into her sexuality and we’re guessing husband, Rande Gerber, doesn’t mind one bit.

Believe it or not, Crawford is now in her late 40’s and has two stunning kids, but she has retained her supermodel shape. She was recently spotted in commercials in figure-hugging fitness gear, a nightgown, and even skinny jeans. However, Cindy admits that when she first started out in the industry, she didn’t worry about what she ate or whether or not she worked out. Once she turned 20, though, she realized things had to change if she wanted to stay in shape for her successful modelling career. She says that exercising, and we bet she means pole dancing, goes hand in hand with making better dietary choices. All of this has helped keep the beauty in tip-top form.

7. Kendra Wilkinson


No stranger to sexy things, Kendra loves pole dancing so much that she has a line of poles. The ex-model and reality TV star is known for her wild nights out which inevitably end up with her taking to the pole.

Kendra also has several incredible workout routines that combine running, cardio boxing, aerobics, and yoga. While this is one busy lady who seems to always be filming (she’s known for not only her reality shows but also Girls Next Door, Kendra on Top, and Dancing with the Stars), she remains motivated. Kendra is said to love switching her workouts up between hot yoga, boot camp routines, and, of course, pole dancing.

8. Christina Milian

Along with Tameka Harris and Karrueche Tran, Millian took pole dancing classes in Hollywood. Just when you thought that the trio were over their twerking phase, they’ve kept things steamy by learning how to master the pole.

She may only be 5ft2, but this petite lady is infamous for her incredible curves and perfectly sculpted body. The mother of one attributed a wholesome diet and rigorous exercise routines to her figure. Aside from that, she is said to have an unwavering passion for dance which plays a major role in keeping her healthy and in top condition. The fact that she is a highly skilled pole dancer is a known fact and not only does her pole dancing skills allow her to seduce her millions of fans, but the amazing cardio benefits of pole dancing strip off any surplus calories her body holds on to. (We doubt it has a chance too, though!).

9. Kim Kardashian

Along with Blac Chyna and Chris Jenner, the threesome have attended pole dancing classes during episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In one particularly hilarious episode, 59-year-old Kris upstaged her daughter by really getting into the booty spanking and touchy-feely routine.

This famous Kardashian is super-serious about her workouts and is known to work hard to keep up that stunning hourglass figure. Besides all the benefits of pole dancing, Kim is also said to do ample cardiovascular exercise, treadmill running, and she alternates upper and lower body workouts with ab and cardio intervals. She sure knows how to keep her heart rate up and her body in incredible condition.

10. Jessica Alba


Having to play a stripper in a movie, Alba took pole dancing lessons. They paid off and she looked amazing in 2005’s Sin City. If you’ve yet to see the movie, be sure to check out the steamy Alba as Nancy Callahan. Alba is said to have worked her butt off to learn the pole for this role and she sure looks amazing in it.

It’s during Sin City 2 that Alba reprised her role as a stripper with a killer physique, but how exactly did she get those impressive dance moves? According to her dance instructor and personal trainer, Jennifer “JJ Dancer” Johnson, Alba put in a lot of hard work – as in two to five hours of training every day. The instructor is said to have choreographed all of Jessica’s dance sequences in the movie and also worked with her to up her sensuality. They began a few months before the program with dance cardio routines before focusing on the film’s routines which came across as hard-hitting and pretty edgy, we think.

11. Britney Spears


While she may have once been the epitome of squeaky clean goodness, Britney is no stranger to a little showing off. She surprised fans when she announced that she had taken up pole dancing with Paris Hilton and the two have reportedly enjoyed lessons in Hiltons home in California. This singer regularly reveals a toned midriff and perky derriere along with highly sculpted legs.

Earlier this year the racy singer blew away the audience at the Billboard awards with a pole dancing performance like no other – all set to a medley of her most well-known hits. During the performance she stripped off her jacket, revealing a bedazzling bustier set complete with knee-length leather boots as she performed hits like Toxic and Womanizer along with her pole dancing interlude. During the show, the 34-year-old Baby, One More Time singing sensation won the Millennium Award.

12. Demi Moore

This is probably the most famous example. Moore starred as a single mom turned to exotic dancer in Striptease in 1996. She showed off her shapely legs and curves as she strutted the catwalk and gave a rather convincing performance. If you believe the rumors, she still pole dances to keep fit. Just in private!

In 2010 Demi was seen hitting up popular Hollywood hotspot, Chateau Marmont with her then 21-year-wold daughter, Rumer Willis and it was there that Demi Moor did not hold back when it came to teaching her daughter some seriously raunchy dance moves on a pole. According to a source, Demi not only got up and impressed everyone with her pole techniques, including some jaw-dropping upside down and spinning around motions, but the actress’s eldest daughter (from her first marriage to Bruce Willis) then decided to follow suit and gave a few stars present, like Jennifer Aniston, Ashton Kutcher, and Leonardo DiCaprio, an impressive pole show.

It is said they were all cheering the beauty on with fellow pole-dancer, Aniston, cheering the loudest. It seems both Jen and Demi can’t get enough of pole dancing, with them even setting up girls’ nights so they can all have a good laugh trying out the pole. We don’t see anything wrong with that – it’s great for fitness and fun!