It seems everyone is at it these days, taking selfies in the bathroom, girls pulling duck faces and (most disturbingly) even at funerals.

But occasionally the limits are pushed and some VERY brave (or perhaps stupid?) people take selfies in the most unexpected and dangerous situations. Of course, these go viral and you may have seen some pop up on your facebook feed.

We present to you the top 12 most Shocking Selfies…Ever!

1. Great White Selfie


There have been several faked, photoshopped selfies of people with Great White sharks, (usually where the shark has it´s mouth wide open and looks ready to bite the foolish photographer in half…) But this one is actually real. Dutch photographer Peter Verhoog took this striking picture of a cruising Great White by leaning right out of his cage (inviting the shark to come closer!)

2. Helicopter Selfie

1 Helicopter

This spectacular image was taken with a selfie stick, which you will see is particularly common with Chinese and American tourists in European capital cities. We´re willing to bet none of them has ever captured an image as interesting as this though.

3. Racecar Selfie

4 racecar

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This race car driver is clearly driving an open wheel single seater – the fastest race cars out there. Highly inadvisable to take a selfie whilst screaming round a corner at 160 mph (though we admit he might have slowed down to take this fun image)

4. Photobombing Cheetah

15 cheetah

This is certainly a cool selfie and the photobombing cheetah looks almost cute and quizzical in this picture. But make no mistake, those animals are killers so this guy put himself in real danger to snap off this crazy shot.

5. On Top Of The World

10 on top of world

Amazing image. As you can see there is not much room up there..1 large gust of wind and it´s all over. Nevertheless we are glad some people are crazy enough to get pictures like this. Personally, I would be hanging onto the nearest rail for dear life!

6. SOS

13 sos

When you look at this image, do you think what this guys thought processes were? Wouldn´t you be more concerned with when the rescue is coming and keeping an eye open for not so friendly sharks?

A sign of the vacuous times we live in I guess.

7. Cliff Diver

12 cliff diving

This bikini clad thrill seeker must have tried to get the best possible pose for her mate to capture this shot. Look at the drop beneath her! Falling from that height into water would probably mean death..Crazy

8. Sky Diver

8 skydiving

Wow, what a spectacular image. More selfie sticks in use here for this beautiful picture taken more than 20,000 feet above ground.

9. Kite Surfing

16 kite surfing

Another very cool image…Kite surfing, and you can see his arm extended to capture the perfect shot. I think it´s fair to say this guy shows world class composure to get this picture whilst riding the waves…

10. JellyFish

14 jellyfish

Jellyfish are some of the most poisonous and dangerous creatures on earth, so we cannot imagine a stranger time to be thinking about taking a selfie when surrounded by hundreds of them!

11. Surfing In Barrel

6 surfing in barrel

This amazing image must have been incredibly hard to take. It just shows the forces and exactly what happens when surfers ride the waves. Brave guy!

12. In Space!

20 selfie

Sometimes standing on top of a very tall building isn´t enough for some people. Instead they have to go into deep space! This spectacular and somewhat beautiful image was taken far beyond earth and will remain in his photo album forever. Imagine if you could bust this picture out at a family gathering!