Chris Hemsworth

chris hemsworth body transformation

The astonishing body transformation you see in the picture above is taken from Chris Hemsworth’s role as Thor, vs his part In The Heart Of The Sea. There is an approximate difference of 40-50 lb in the 2 pictures – a truly staggering body transformation!

To get into shape for Thor, he was consuming upwards of 3500 calories a day – almost double the average daily intake – and even got to nearly 6000 per day when he was in heavy bulk mode. These were split into between 5 and 6 meals, spread just a few hours apart, throughout the entire day. Additionally, he picked up a heavy workout routine with an emphasis on building muscle mass.

For the skinny, emaciated Chris Hemsworth you see in the picture, he had to reverse the process and basically ate just brocolli, vegetables, some fruit and drank lots of water – a starvation diet. He couldn’t eat high protein foods because he was required to lose as much muscle mass as possible.