Image 1 - Madonna

Whether it’s her during her live performances, in images, or in the flesh, we all know how good Madonna looks and most of us are guilty of wishing we could look just a little bit more like her. But sometimes when we see images of her, it’s hard to believe that the singer is an impressive 56 years old.

The truth is that, although there’s no denying how good the mega-star looks, when you see her images before and after retouching, she’d definitely had some help to look so super human.

This image, for example, has been dramatically enhanced and touched up using Photoshop. The singer’s skin has been smoothed and enhanced with a healthy, dewy glow, her hair has been brightened and thickened, and the bone structure on her face has been made much more prominent.

Jennifer Lawrence

Image 6 - Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is no stranger to Photoshop, and she’s not afraid of showing the world how she looked before the images underwent retouching.

This image from Dior’s 2013 ad campaign, may have taken Photoshop too far, with even Lawrence admitting, “that doesn’t look like me at all”. And she was right. As you can see from the images, Dior had transformed Jennifer almost beyond recognition – her neck has been elongated, her skin and hair tone changed, even the shape of her nose appears to have been altered!

Kim Kardashian

Image 5 - Kim Kardashian

Kourtney isn’t the only Kardashian who has been the subject of Photoshop criticism. When her sister Kim posed for Complex magazine in March 2009, she probably expected the images to undergo a certain level of re-touching, after all, most images used in magazines do. But what she almost certainly wouldn’t of expected would be for the magazine to accidently post the original, un-retouched image on its website after the shoot.

As you can see from the images (the one on the left is the original, the one on the right is the photoshopped version), Kim’s waist, hips and thighs have been slimmed down and it looks as though cellulite has been airbrushed off from the top of her legs.

Jessica Alba

Image 10 - Jessica Alba

You may have been forgiven for not noticing anything untoward about this image of actress Jessica Alba from Campari’s campaign. When the original image was leaked, however, it became clear to see that the model had been transformed into a much slimmer version of herself.

In the photoshopped image (the one on the right hand-side) , Alba’s waist, arms hips, and legs are dramatically smaller. Her collarbones are also more defined, and both her hair and complexion are darker and richer.

Adriana Lima

Image 3 - Adriana Lima

Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima looks good for a living. But even supermodels need a bit of re-touching every now and then.

In this set of images, it’s clear to see that her skin has been smoothed and perfected, her eyebrows have been groomed, and even the shape of her eyes has been slightly altered in order to give the impression that they are brighter and more open.

If you look closely, you’ll also see that her pupils have been brightened to a much lighter, brighter blue and her lips have been altered to a fresh, rosy pink.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge

When Prince William walked Kate down the aisle, the whole world stopped to admire her beauty.

Many people commented on the Duchess’ slender frame when they saw her walk down the aisle, which leaves many to question why Grazia magazine felt the need to slim her already tiny waist down even further for their cover image?

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is no stranger to extreme transformations – almost every time we see her, she’s sporting a dramatically different look.

These before and after Photoshop images show that not everything is always as it seems. The image, taken for the cover of Vogue, is shown in its final, edited version on the right. The left-hand image is the original version, shown in the magazine’s behind the scenes feature.

As you can see from comparing the two images, quite a lot of retouching has taken place before the image made the cover. Lady Gaga’s body shape has been totally transformed and even her hair has been changed!

Cameron Diaz

Image 2 - Cameron Diaz

In these before and after images of Cameron Diaz, it’s clear to see there’s been a little bit of photoshopping going on. Although Cameron looks amazing in the before picture, after re-touching, she looks noticeably brighter, fresher, and more toned.

The star’s famous blonde locks have been brightened, her face appears to have been slimmed down, her eyes look brighter, and her stomach and waistline have also been tweaked. Was any of this really necessary though?

Keira Knightly

Image 7 - Keira Knightley

When Keira was photoshopped for this 2004 ‘King Arthur’ poster, it wasn’t just her face and body tattoos that were added in – Keira also found herself the proud owner of a nice new set of boobs.

The slender actress, who also appears to have acquired a golden tan, was under no pretence about the images, revealing to US Weekly, “Those things certainly weren’t mine!”


George Clooney

image 12 - George Clooney

There’s no denying that, in today’s society, men feel just as much pressure as women to hold onto their youth and constantly look their best. This before and image of Hollywood star (and heart throb!) George Clooney proves it.

As you can see, in the original image (on the left hand-side), George is looking slightly older and less fresh faced than in the edited image (on the right). The picture has clearly been photoshopped in order to make Clooney’s hair darker (we think he should embrace the silver fox look!), his skin smoother, and his jaw more defined. His eyes also look to have been lifted and his brows are darker than in the original pic.

Prince William

Image 9 - Prince William

It would seem that even the royal family aren’t immune to a spot of re-touching. This magazine cover from a 2010 issue of Hello! Magazine shows the usually fair-haired prince with much darker (and substantially thicker!) hair.

Kourtney Kardashian

Image 4 - Kourtney Kardashian

That’s two different images, right? Look, Kourtney’s even wearing two different outfits. Wrong! If you look a little closer, you’ll notice that the Kardashian sister is actually wearing the same outfit, and it’s actually the same photo, it has just been heavily photoshopped to look as though it’s two different images.

The original photo (on the left hand side) was published in Life and Style Magazine, having been taken only seven days after little Mason was born. The picture on the right hand side appeared on the cover of OK! Magazine shortly after. Using Photoshop, the magazine had edited the colour of both Kourtney and Mason’s clothing, in order to give the impression that it was a completely different photo.

What is perhaps more concerning is that Kourtney’s stomach was also slimmed down – making it appear that she had lost all of her baby weight. As any of us who have given birth know, that’s not something that happens in seven days!

Andy Roddick

Image 8 - Andy Roddick

Whilst female celebrities tend to get slimed down during the re-touching process, males often get beefed up.

These two images of Andy Roddick quite clearly show that the tennis star’s already muscular physique has been enhanced for the 2007 Men’s Fitness cover. In fact, rumour has it, that even he didn’t know where the 22 inch guns had come from!

Zooey Deschanel

Image 11 - Zooey Deschanel

The lovely Zooey Deschanel looks almost unrecognisable in this image from her Rimmel ad campaign. Some have even suggested that the photoshopped image looks more like a Zooey Deschanel lookalike who’s plastic surgery had gone wrong – ouch!

It may sound extreme (and yes, there probably is a slight element of exaggeration involved), but there is no denying that Zooey doesn’t look quite like her usual self in the images.

The actress’ face seems to have been slimmed down and elongated, her nose has also been altered, and even the shape of her lips don’t look quite right!

Katy Perry

Even pulling this crazy face, Katy Perry looks good. But when you compare the original picture (on the left hand-side) to the re-touched image (on the right), it’s clear that not everything is as it seems.

Katy’s clear, pore free complexion looks to have been photo-shopped in, whilst the lines and dimples on her face (which we could only expect from pulling a face like that!), have been removed. The whites of the pop star’s eyes also appear to be much brighter on the edited image, and her neck looks somewhat slimmer.