Say What You Think – Don’t Be Dumb!

1. Inability to express their feelings. I am giving this the number one spot, as its infuriating when a guy has an apparent inability to express and talk about his feelings with a woman. Not talking about your feelings is not the same as having them under control gents!

Seriously Guys Learn To Use Your Phones!

2. Texting to say ‘What’s up?’ and then not responding for three hours. What’s the point of starting a conversation if you are just going to ignore us. Don’t do this, be respectful, if you initiated the conversation, be mindful that we deserve responses.

Be Protective Not A Dictator

3. Over dominance. Look we get it and grudgingly admit that we want our men to make us feel safe and secure, however it’s a fine line between being protective and being a dictator. We don’t like being smothered.

Seriously Men, Clean Those Sheets

4. Not changing their sheets regularly – it’s really not cool to have month long sheets on your bed, it makes us suspect that you wear your underwear for multiple days also. Its just GROSS, please be more hygienic.

EWWWWWW Gross! Clean Your Nails!


5. Dirty fingernails. Look guys even if you are bob the builder, it’s no excuse to show up with enough dirt under your nails to plant a potato field.

Stop F***** Swearing So God**** Much!

6. Language. While we get that some women have decided to become foul mouthed also, its simply unclassy and really not cool to have every second word out of your mouth being F***, please have a tiny bit more decorum

Don't Touch My Phone!!!
Don’t Touch My Phone!!!

7. Touching our phones. Guys NEVER EVER do this. We on the other hand should always be free to check yours under the guise of looking up something online

Please, Please, Don't Dress Like A Bum
Please, Please, Don’t Dress Like A Bum

8. Grooming. While the man who spends three hours perfecting his messy hair ‘style’ is a huge turn off, the opposite is also true. Guys try to make at least an effort to keep your clothes in order. If you clothes are a thousand years old with holes, you don’t look like a hipster artist type, you simply look like a homeless bum.

These Idiots Even Have Belts.
These Idiots Even Have Belts.

9. A bizarre aversion to belts. It’s simply not attractive to have your ugly dad jeans flapping around the bottom of your bum crack. It’s MUCH worse when the said ‘man’ isn’t a gang banger, but still chooses to go the ‘gangster’ route.

Lying To Us To Get One Thing Then Leaving Is Bad!
Lying To Us To Get One Thing Then Leaving Is Bad!

10. Acting like you want to be serious with us, only to leave a few days later and re-engage with Tinder. Look just don’t lie, we are grown-ups and can handle the truth.

Not Everything Needs To Be An Argument
Not Everything Needs To Be An Argument

11. Arguments. Not every discussion needs to have a score. Its normal to have a disagreement from time to time in a relationship, but please don’t try and win silly points by trying to always be right – unattractive.

No Burgers Were Eaten!
No Burgers Were Eaten!

12. Believing that the ‘models’ on Instagram are a fair reflection of real women. I’m so sorry (not sorry) I have curves, have you seen your muffin top and overhanging belly? Also I’d like to point out that those lumps are not chest muscles, if they flop around you can be sure they are MOOBS.

Dude! Dont Leer At Us!
Dude! Dont Leer At Us!

13. The wandering eye. We get that you like to check out other women (grudgingly), but doing it 100 times an hour and physically turning your body to gawp at every young thing that passes is really disrespectful.

Respect Your Mom, Don't Be A Mommy's Boy Though!
Respect Your Mom, Don’t Be A Mommy’s Boy Though!

14. Being a mommy’s boy. Sure is AWESOME to have respect for your mom and to treat her nice. This said though, grown men should not be taking their orders from their mothers, this very very un-masculine.

Images Were Too Gross To Use. Have A Pic Of A Disgusted Baby Instead!
Images Were Too Gross To Use. Have A Pic Of A Disgusted Baby Instead!

15. Underwear with holes in. Dude! Get some new boxers, after all we make such an effort with our lacy matching sets (most days!)
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