Celebrity Outfit Fails : Lady Ga Ga

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We start this funny list of the worst celebrity fashion fails with a singer that pushes the boundaries of conventional fashion to get our attention.

One of her most famous fashion fails was when she sported a dress made entirely from raw meat at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. Draped from head to toe in raw beef, the controversial outfit aimed to send out a message about animal rights but in our eyes it was an example of very bad celebrity fashion.

But her iconic dress sense has earned her criticism in the past, as she continues to sport bizarre outfits that never fail to leave a lasting impression. Shock tactics or just down right disturbing, Lady Ga Ga has proven that she isn’t afraid to do what she wants, wear what she wants, and say what she wants!

Celeb Fashion Fails : Kim Kardashian

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Kim does try her very hardest to look effortlessly stylish, and on most occasions, she pulls a variety of styles off well.

But this year’s Grammys saw her make a fashion faux pas that sent her straight to the top of many worst dress lists. Renowned for experimenting with a wealth of playful looks, Kim stepped out wearing a floor length Jean Paul Gaultier robe that screamed look at me, but it was a step to far.

Who wears a robe to a major awards ceremony?


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Madonna is renowned for wearing outfits that can only be described as somewhat age inappropriate.

When she rocked up to this year’s Grammys wearing this Givenchy Couture number, it instantly earned her a spot on many celebrity fashion fails lists.

Always one to experiment with fashion, Madonna is the queen of sporting cheap looking outfits that look like they have been picked up from a fancy dress shop rather than a high end designer, agree?

Lupita Nyong’o

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The Oscars season always brings its fair share of fashion fails, many of which go down in history. It’s the one time of the year when A-list celebrities spend weeks at a time searching for that perfect dress that will wow the waiting paparazzi and the rest of the world. How on earth do they get it so wrong?

Even fashion icons such as Lupita Nyong’o can have their moments. After a long stint of sporting fashion forward gowns earned her recognition from some of the world’s biggest influential fashion publications, we have no idea what she was thinking when she turned up to the Oscars wearing, what can only be described as, a ridiculous green chained dress. Complete with billowing green feathers, matching shoes, and a bizarre Indian headband, she certainly got our attention for all the wrong reasons on this occasion.

Helena Bonham Carter

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Having earned a reputation as being a bit of an odd ball, Helen Bonham Carter is a familiar face on many worst dressed lists around the world.

Yes, fashion should be fun but her approach to making a statement sometimes leaves us lost for words – literally. It’s not so much the dress that bothers us on this picture, it’s the odd shoes! Whether it was an attempt to be cool or, in some way, a trend setter, we think it’s just plain bonkers, or is that just us?

Katy Perry

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Press Room

Anybody who knows the slightest thing about fashion will understand that double denim is an absolute no go area, right?

Worn by Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears many moons ago, it was hideous then and it’s still hideous now… so, when Katy Perry stepped out in this awful strapless denim patchwork dress at the MTV video music awards, we couldn’t help but cast our judgmental eye. The addition of the stud detailing and matching bag also did her absolutely no favours. What on earth were you thinking Katy?


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Now we’re taking you way back to 1986, when some of our favorite celebrities’ choice of attire was just as scary as it is now…

With a gigantic punk style hairdo, an elaborate cape, and cage style bra-let, we have absolutely no idea what could have possibly been running through Cher’s head when she stepped out in this costume at the 1986 Oscars… an exhibitionist at heart, we certainly feel sorry for whoever had to sit behind her during the ceremony.

Celine Dion

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When celebrities take fashion into their own hands and put their own individual stamp onto an outfit – this is the result…

You don’t need glasses to see what is wrong with this outfit. Celine Dion ruined a perfectly reasonable two-piece suit, by bizarrely deciding to wear the suit jacket back to front when she attended the Oscars back in 1999. This dysfunctional look was far from attractive … and don’t get us started on the addition of the white hat!

Paula Abdul

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Yes we all have the sudden urge to dress up like a princess from time to time, but there’s a time and a place…

Paula Abdul sent a message out to the world that she was a princess and proud when she demanded to wear a tiara at The 56th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards in 2004. Don’t get us wrong, the dress is perfectly reasonable, sophisticated and stylish in many ways, but the addition of the tiara ruins the look. Yes, tiaras are pretty but keep them for proms and weddings please!


Serpentine Gallery Summer Party - Arrivals

There certainly is something creepy about this dress…

When Caprice stepped out in this unusual dress, we thought she had stepped straight out of the garden. Featuring a selection of embroidered bright metallic insects scattered across what would have been a lovely blush pink dress, our first thought was, is something bugging her?

Garish and wrong on so many levels. Insects are best kept in the garden Caprice!


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Bjork’s infamous swan dress wins the award for the most ridiculous and bizarre Academy Awards dress of all time – don’t you agree?

Back in 2001, we all held our breath when she stepped onto the red carpet sporting what could only be described as a dead swan draped around her neck (it wasn’t a real swan, of course!) but still, it sparked outrage and paved the way for an abundance of red carpet ridicule.

One thing’s for sure, 14 years later and it still remains one of the biggest celebrity fashion fails in history.

Whoopi Goldberg

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What can we say… Whoopi what were you thinking?

When Whoopi Goldberg stepped onto the stage sporting this over sized, unflattering, voluminous blouse that was bursting out of a black fitted dress, we thought she had stepped straight out of a convent!

If that wasn’t bad enough, she then thought it was a good idea to finish her outfit with a pair of black and white striped socks and red sparkly skyscraper heels!

But worse again, she decided to wear this dreadful outfit to the Oscars!

So there’s our list…What do you think? Comments below!