No matter what kind of shape you are in, it’s never too late to radically transform your body. Of course, 99.9% of us don’t have the infinite time, budget, supplements and expert advice that Hollywood A Listers do.

Nevertheless, even for the average person, dramatic improvements in your physique and body fat are possible given motivation, the right diet and gym work.

With that in mind, we present 16 of the most radical celebrity body transformations for movie roles – these will inspire you!

16. Jessica Biel – Blade Trinity

Jessica Biel has had a marked evolution in her career – starting off as the romantic love interest, with a feminine, soft, unthreatening appearance to match.

However more recently she’s starred in a number of Superhero films and has had to adapt accordingly – gaining a more athletic and lean muscle appearance.

To acheive these results, she trained 6 times per week, alongside martial arts training for 60 minute sessions 4-5 times per week. As you can see from the photos, she acheived the superhero look in no time!

Takeaway: Even superheros need to work hard. Both men and women can however use her diet of proteins, vegetables and grains for best results, with a moderate gym routine and you’ll see pounds of fat come off in no time.