Here is a list of 16 of the hottest politicians, both male and female, who are guaranteed to make your jaw drop without even bringing up their political viewpoints. Whether you are on the same side of the political spectrum or not, take a moment to appreciate these international politicians, whose remarkable looks could have easily helped them forge a career in modeling or entertainment.

1. Justin Trudeau


Arguably the most famous name on this list, Justin Trudeau made a lot of women (and men, too) want to pack up and move to Canada when he was elected prime minister in November 2015. Following in the footsteps of his father, former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, Justin is widely known for his laid-back, friendly attitude and open-mindedness, a fact reflected in his policies and public activities.

Before he was elected to office, the Canadian heartthrob was an avid boxer and bungee jumping coach. In 2011, he did a public strip tease act for a charity event, which shouldn’t come as a surprise if you take a look at the popular prime minister’s chiseled abs and impressive biceps.

Nearing his first year in office, Justin’s popularity has waned significantly, largely due to his attendance at gay pride parades and open arms support of refugees. The rise of nationalist movements worldwide is at odds with Jusin’s views and despite Canada reputation as a liberal democracy, there is a sense that blind altrusim is no longer the popular or realistic position to hold.