2. Elizabeth Halseth

via dailymail.co.uk

Dubbed America’s Most Beautiful Senator and by the looks of it for a very good reason, Elizabeth Halseth, 33, hails from Nevada, where she served as a Republican member of the Senate between November 2010 and February 2012. Elected to office when she was 27, she was the youngest woman in the state to ever be appointed to the Nevada Legislature.

Halseth resigned from office amidst a public divorce and child custody fight, determined to leave Nevada and find a job elsewhere. Ever the politician, she cited her reasons as difficulty in finding employment, harassment from bloggers and partisans, and the declining economic performance in the state of Nevada (which she blamed on the policies of Barack Obama)

Not to be put down, her first stop was doing a smoldering hot photo shoot for a well known gentlemans magazine as part of her campaign to be included in the magazine’s list of 100 hottest women across the world. Now 33, Halseth is still involved in the senate but has moved on from the state of Nevada.