Every year, many of us promise ourselves that this will be the year that we get fit and healthy, and reach our target weight – ring true?

Despite making a conscious effort to eat well, increase the amount of exercise we do on a daily basis, and change our everyday behaviours, when it comes to adopting a healthier way of life many of us give up very quickly.

Whether it’s the demands of your everyday working life that get in the way of achieving your weight goals, or you’re simply finding it hard to juggle your new exercise regime with family life, it’s easy to see why so many of us struggle to adapt to healthier lifestyle changes.

Although many will argue that it is easy to implement these changes seamlessly into our existing routines no matter what obstacles and barriers we face, there are still hundreds, if not thousands of people who struggle when it comes to adopting a healthier lifestyle.

If this is you, here’s some helpful hints and tips that will help you to get back on track when it comes to making healthy changes– taking you one step closer to being a healthier, happier you.

Many of the tips are simple lifestyle changes that you should be able to integrate into your existing daily routine without having to commit to time consuming changes such as going to the gym! After all, healthy eating and getting fit doesn’t have to be difficult.

Swap and replace

Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean giving up all of our favourite dishes and foods. It’s more about portion control and making educated swaps when it comes to choosing what is good for you and what is not good for you.

So, rather than snacking on your favourite crisps, why not swap them for a low calorie alternative, or even better still, grab a bag of popcorn instead? Simple everyday changes can have a dramatic impact on the size of your waistline over time.

Most of the time, we grab unhealthy snacks because they are convenient, they are there when we need them, and they curb our hunger in between meal times. So why not spend a few hours of the week creating fruit and nut snack portions, that you can carry around with you during the week? Simply pop a banana into your bag on the way to work or pack a low sugar yogurt. If you know that you have a snack with you, you won’t be tempted to get that quick sugar fix.

Drink plenty of water

You’ll be amazed at how many calories are in what seem like innocently healthy soft drinks and fruit drinks. Did you know that there is over 500 calories in your average carton of fruit juice? That’s the equivalent of eating almost 3 chocolate bars. I’m pretty sure that you would rather eat your calories rather than drink them – am I right?

So, it’s easy to see why cutting out fruit juices, sweetened drinks and full fat soft drinks is the easiest way to dramatically cut your daily calorie intake.  Instead, opt for water and flavoured waters, this is the best way to stay hydrated and lose weight at the same time.

Go green

Make sure that your cupboards are always stocked up with plenty of fruit and vegetables. This may seem self-explanatory but it’s amazing how many people who are trying to lose weight still have a treat drawer or box filled with sugary cakes, sweets and chocolate.

If it’s not in your cupboard, then you can’t be tempted to indulge. Another helpful tip is to plan your meal times a week in advance, and get only the ingredients that you need. If you work shifts, and have a disrupted eating pattern, why not spend the weekend making your meals for the week and freeze them. If you are prepared, you won’t be tempted to reach for that takeaway menu or grab a quick-fix processed meal.

Chew your food

The theory that if you chew your food thoroughly and eat more slowly, it will help you to lose weight has been on our radar for years. The science behind it is that our bodies take up to 15 minutes to register that we are full.

It’s often the case that people eat their food so fast, that their bodies do not have time to register that they are full.

Walk rather than jumping in the car

It’s all too easy to jump in the car for short journeys rather than walking, especially on miserable winter mornings.

But by walking for only 30 minutes a day, you will make a noticeable difference to your general health and overall fitness.

Make 2015 the year that you loose weight!