Get Rich : How To Win The Lottery System

It sounds incredible, right? A hack to win the lottery. But our research at Daily Edition is beginning to convince us it’s not as unlikely as you may think…

Richard Lustig, the creator of this Lottery Winning System was always fascinated by lottery winning software (it’s actually very common!), and spent many years researching what actually makes the lotteries tick. Over time, he managed to develop a mathematical formula (based on the winning numbers from previous lottery games), which can predict winning Lottery combinations with a high degree of accuracy.  He then applied this formula and won the lottery an amazing 7 times (no one in history has ever managed this before!)

Richard Lusting Explains His Lottery Winning System On Fox Business News
Richard Lusting Explains His Lottery Winning System On Fox Business News

NOTE : He never gaurantees that you will win the jackpot every time (that would be ridiculous). But, if you apply his system you can expect to get winning combinations once or twice per month (you would typically start with wins of several thousand dollars) Not enough to be stinking rich, but enough to be a lot more comfortable.

We are highly sceptical at Daily Edition, so we are asking our readers to test it out and see how it works for them. So far (since this article went live on 04/01/2016), we’ve had good reports with a few users winning several thousand (however, no millionaire wins yet!)

If you want to know more, check it out for yourselves by watching his explainer video and we hope you will be our next winning story!