Get Slim : Drink Red Wine To Get A Flat Belly! Yes, Really!

Let’s be honest, we all probably indulged a little over Christmas and are perhaps regretting it now. But losing weight the conventional way, with strict diets, horrendous weights and cardiovascular workouts is an absolute KILLER. Especially when you’re tired from a long days work..

Well, we’ve managed to find the perfect diet hack – lost fat fast by drinking your favourite adult beverages : red wine, whisky, white wine (in combination with a step by step, easy to follow diet plan – and NO it’s not too restrictive!)


We like a drink (or two, or three!) of red wine ourselves at Daily Edition, and this diet therefore sounded perfect to us. As a result, we’ve contacted Thomas Newman (the creator of the diet plan) and negotiated a special offer on his easy to follow fat loss plan.

Some of our readers have thanked us after losing 5-6 lbs in the first week – so this sounds like one to check out.  Watch the video here to find out more and let us know how you get on!