Dreaming of a beach holiday? Here is our pick of the top 20 beach destinations in the world.

Bondi Beach : Sydney, Australia

bondi beach sydney

Bondi Beach is definitely the most famous of all the Sydney beaches. The adventurous amongst you will find incredible surfing oppoportunities, but there is much more than that.

You can take a walk along the beautiful pure white sands, or simply sunbathe with an amazing view of the vast Pacific Ocean. Dotted alongside the beach and all the way along the world famous Bondi to Cogee coastline you will find high class restaurants and atmospheric coffee shops that give a flavour of the local culture.

Bondi beach has glorious sunshine year round for sun seekers. At night the place really comes to life too, with some of the best nightlife in the world.

Accommodation Bondi Beach:

The accommodation at Bondi Beach is not cheap and ranges from $100 to well over $1000 per night. There are loads of booking websites and agencies available, with options ranging from villas, penthouses and family holiday homes.

A good option is the reputable website stayz.com.au, which has accommodation for every need.

Copacabana Beach : Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

copacobana beach brazil

World famous Rio De Janeiro is an unforgettable experience. Here you will find world class beaches and a buzzing, vibrant energy that you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

For the men, you can simply sit back and admire the beaches thronged with the amazing natural Brazillian beauties wearing the skimpiest bikinis imaginable! Women will love the hot weather, relaxed lifestyle and numerous pampering options found all along the Rio coastline.

Rio De Janeiro really comes alive at night, where you can easily find bustling, vibrant bars, nightclubs and restaurants to suit any taste.

Accommodation Rio De Janeiro

Accommodation at Rio De Janeiro is not as cheap as it used to be, however there are still options for every budget.
For budget travellers, check out hostelworld.com or booking.com. For more well heeled customers, there are thousands of booking agencies with all types of accommodation available with Hotels, Villas, Penthouses, all with a range of prices.

Honaunau Beach, The Big Island: Hawaii, USA

Honaunau Beach Hawaii

This beach is an absolute mecca for divers. The natural geogrpahy of the beach and surrounding coral reef means that it attracts an amazing abundance of wildlife. Even if you’ve never dived before, it’s perfectly safe, and you will be treated to gorgeous colourful fish, crystal clear blue waters, beautiful coral and perhaps even the famous local sea turtles.

If this isn’t to your taste, you can simply relax on the amazing fine white sands and admire the incredible scenery.

By night you will not be lost for things to do. The area has a pulsing nightlife and an abundance of restaurants and bars for any tastes.

Best Accomodation, Honaunau

The average price range for accommodation in Honaunau is between $150 and $800 per night. Booking.com and airbnb.com offer much cheaper options.

For a real taste of luxury, check out the Four Seasons, Honaunau – a glorious beachfront hotel with an impeccable reputation.

Florida South Beach : USA

florida south beach
Come to this beach and you will be immediately struck by 2 things : the amazingly beautiful beach and weather, and the incredible beauty of its inhabitants. Here you will find gorgeous people from all over the world, with perfectly toned bodies and a fun carefree attitude to match!

For the less adventurous amongst you, simply relax on the white sands, admire the beautiful people, and then check out the unique Art Deco architecture. Because you’re in the USA, you will find world class dining, bars and nightlife – all in one area. You simply must visit the Miami nightlife area at least once, but you don’t need to wait until late to go – it runs 24/7, day and night.

Finally, if Golf or fishing is your thing, you could visit Haulover Park, where you will be treated to organised sports events and tours.

Florida South Beach Accomodation:

Surprisingly, accommodation at South Beach, Miami is not as expensive as some of the other destinations on this list. You can get 4 star accommodation for around $230 to $280 per night. Some good hotels are the Marriot Stanton South Beach and the Ritz Carlton South Beach.

Dhigurah Island: The Maldives

dhigurah island
This is a little gem of an island in the South Ari Atoll area of the Maldives. It’s considered to be one of the best islands in the country, but is not yet overrun by tourists who could ruin the experience. Head to the southern area of the island to find the best, most secluded beaches.

This is a perfect holiday location for couples or families. Women can swim and go on the beach in a bikini (though be cautioned, always check because it’s not allowed everywhere!).

Everyone should try the diving opportunities, which are some of the best in the world. You can dive with Whale Sharks, examine the beautiful tropical fish, and admire the gorgeous coral reefs.

Accomodation Dhigurah Island

The usual options are available including airbnb.com, booking.com and hotels.com.

You will find unique and beautiful accommodation at Hamakua Coast Rental‎, with condos, villas , hotels and other options all available.

Cote D’Azur, France

cote d'azur
When you think of the Cote D’Azur, the first thing that springs to mind is : glamour. Home to the world famous Cannes Film Festival, the Cote D’Azur is one of the most luxurious and prestigious beach destinations in the world.

Visitors may well see their favourite celebrity strolling around (though more likely surrounded by bodyguards, or behind the darkened windshield of a limosine).

But the Cote D’Azur isn’t just a place to spot celebrities, show off or be seen. Here you will find some of the most beautiful beaches anywhere in the world. Soak in the wonderful relaxed French way of life, with the charming local restaurants and bars you will find all along the beachline.

At night, be prepared for an assault on the senses, with a pulsating nightlife that rivals anywhere else in the world.

Best Accomodation Cote D’Azur

For unique accomodation on the Cote D’Azur, check out pierreetvacances.com‎

Bali, Indonesia

bali indonesia
Bali, Indonesia is a perfect destination for the more adventurous traveler, or those in need of relaxation. Here you will find world class fine white sandy beaches, and numerous cafes and restaurants all along the coast.

But the diving and wildife is where Bali comes into its own. Take a local diving course and dive into the crystal clear waters, where you will find teeming wildlife, fish, turtles and sharks *baby ones*!.

If you choose you can hike up Mount Batur, where you will be treated to all manner of amazing wildife including monkeys and giant lizards (though you will not find the famous Komodo Dragon!). Be sure to explore the numerous stone temples, but make sure not to touch or disturb the area, the laws here can be very strict for tourists!

After a hard days hiking and diving, treat yourself at one of Bali’s famous luxury Spas and finish off the evening eating at a fine restaurant overlooking the glorious beach and sea…

Dubrovnik, croatia

dubrovnik croatia
Dubrovnik is an up and coming city getaway which is perfect for European travelers. Despite enduring a war in the 1990s, Dubrovnik has been rebuilt and preserved it’s incredible character and natural beauty.

If you’ve ever watched Game Of Thrones and marvelled at the beauty of some of the locations, chances are you would have been looking at the city of Dubrovnik.

The city is world class with year round sunshine, crystal clear seas and fine white sands. What’s more, it’s a relatively cheap option and is still somewhat unknown, meaning you can enjoy its charms without elbowing 1000s of tourists out of the way!

Enjoy the amazing restaurants, winding street, beautiful and historic Old Town and by night be prepared to party with the buzzing nightlife options.

A perfect beach getaway for the adventurous European traveler.