The Strange Trend Of Oddly Shaped Celebrity Feet

Wow this was a rather nasty article to write, especially just after lunch time. Prior to researching, I had always considered high-heels to be the cherry on top of a sophisticated and elegant awards ceremony outfit. Now I see them for the EVIL that they are – causing nasty sounding conditions such as bunions, haglunds deformity, calluses, hammertoe, and shrinking Achilles tendons. Don’t take my word for it through, here is our list of the worst celebrity feet which have been cruelly deformed by stardom.

1. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Feet, Kim Kardashian Swollen, Kim Kardashian Fail

Yeah, yeah she is pregnant and her feet are swollen and thats not her fault blah blah blah. She decided to put her massively elephant sized feet into these little transparent plastic mouse shoes though – that IS her fault. We suspect that Kim has several thousand mirrors in every single one of her hundred houses, and she surely could have looked in the mirror before leaving the house.