Fame and riches are a fleeting thing – the big star of today can become the washed up loser of tomorrow much quicker than you would think. Here we present the highest paid celebrities of yesteryear who are now broke!

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan was once one of the hottest child stars around, able to both act and sing. She started her acting career with The Parent Trap and received considerable critical and commercial success.

She followed this up with numerous successful movies – most notably Mean Girls, which propelled her to worldwide stardom.

In the mid 2000s she entered the music scene but her progress was curtailed by various brushes with the law and visits to rehab centres.
She’s still active on the party scene in 2018 however, and was most recently spotted at a famous, notoriously private London nightclub called “The Box”, with Tom Hardy and Leonardo Di Caprio. We guess she is not quite ready to leave her hard partying behind just yet, despite her loss of fortune.

Sadly, her early success was never recaptured and she is now stony broke, having spent all of her earlier fortune.