Fame and riches are a fleeting thing – the big star of today can become the washed up loser of tomorrow much quicker than you would think. Here we present the highest paid celebrities of yesteryear who are now broke!

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan was once one of the hottest child stars around, able to both act and sing. She started her acting career with The Parent Trap and received considerable critical and commercial success.

She followed this up with numerous successful movies – most notably Mean Girls, which propelled her to worldwide stardom.

In the mid 2000s she entered the music scene but her progress was curtailed by various brushes with the law and visits to rehab centres.
She’s still active on the party scene in 2018 however, and was most recently spotted at a famous, notoriously private London nightclub called “The Box”, with Tom Hardy and Leonardo Di Caprio. We guess she is not quite ready to leave her hard partying behind just yet, despite her loss of fortune.

Sadly, her early success was never recaptured and she is now stony broke, having spent all of her earlier fortune.

Nicholas Cage

He’s been in a ton of hit movies, and as one of Hollywood’s highest paying actors, it’s hard to believe that Nicholas Cage once went bankrupt. It happened in 2009, when the IRS landed Mr Cage with a whacking bill of $6.2 million in federal taxes.

Cage blamed his financial manager for incompetence, but he had to take it on the chin and lost most of his glamourous homes to foreclosure.

We’re sure some of you reading this don’t really sympathise because he’s related to Hollywood royalty so is never really going to struggle financially and has indeed since bounced back.

Don Johnson

There is a happier end to Don Johnsons tale of woe – he owed $14.5 million in debt and was hours away from losing his home in Woody Creek, Colarado. Somehow he managed to raise the funds and kept his gorgeous ranch.

This wasn’t the last time Johnson was involved in a legal case. A Los Angeles Jury awarded $23.2 million in July 2010, in a lawsuit against production company Rhysher Entertainment. Johnson owned half the copyright of the hit American TV Series Nash Bridges, produced by Nash, and this successful lawsuit saw the end of his financial woes.

He’s since continued this bounceback, and you can actually see him in the sleeper hit movie “Brawl In Cell Block 99”, starring alongside Vince Vaughn.

Kim Basinger

One of the biggest stars of the 80s and early 90s, it’s something of a surprise to see Kim Basinger on this list. It seems that ego was her downfall, when she backed out of the early 90s movie Boxing Helena, costing the Studio money, for which they sued her to the tune of $8.1 million. OUCH!

Her troubles continued when a $20 million investment in the town of Braselton went sour – she ended up losing it all.

She has made an attempt at a comeback, but this is much more difficult for female Hollywood stars – there are simply less roles for older actresses vs older actors. However she starred in the 2017 film adaption of Fifty Shades Darker, playing the role of Elena Lincoln. We wish her continued success.

50 Cent

Remember this guy? It was not so long ago when 50 Cent was one of the worlds most wealthy hip hop artists, with an estimated fortune of well over $155 million. Like some of the other stars on our list, bad investments and financial mismanagement bled his fortune away and he’s still affected today in late 2017.

In court his estimated debts are between $10 – $50 million, with roughly the same amount of assets to match. To this day he is paying off $23 million in debts, so expect to see him trying to prolong his career as long as possible to tackle this enormous financial burden.

Pamela Anderson

Despite worldwide acclaim and fortune for the most well known star of the megahit TV Series Baywatch, Pamela Anderson never really made it big after the worlds most famous TV show ever in the 1990s. She has appeared on relatively obscure TV shows, including reality TV and celebrity apprentice, but her earnings nowhere near match what she made from Baywatch in her heyday.

To make matters worse, she married the wrong guys, didn’t make any more hits so her net worth has dwindled as a result.

Nowadays she lives quietly in France, has raised 2 young men, and is the partner of Julian Assange. The relationship began in December 2016 when Anderson publicy stated she viewed Assange as “a hero”. She has since been spotted and had her picture taken visiting Assange in the Eucadorian Embassy in London.

Evander Holyfield

Being one of the most famous Heavyweight boxing champs of all time hasn’t helped Evander Holyfield avoid financial difficulties. His problems mainly stem from having 9 children with the associated costs (which he avoided paying but eventually caught up with him), divorce settlements, and general neglect and financial mismanagement.

His Atlanta mansion was foreclosed to pay for a $14 million settlement to JP Morgan Chase, and he’s been in trouble ever since.

He’s in the Boxing Hall Of Fame as being one of the greatest boxers of all time. He finally retired in 2014, after several comebacks. At aged 50 he finally admitted that old age had caught up with him.

Perhaps we’ll see him touring with Mike Tyson, telling stories and doing comedy routines to make ends meet?

Lena Headey

She plays Cercei Lannister in the Game Of Thrones TV Series, but unlike her mega rich character, Lean Headey is anything but rolling in wealth. Following a disastrous divorce to ex husband Peter Loughlan and disputes with the Inland Revenue (the UK’s tax authorities) Lena once only had $7 in the bank.

Luckily for her, the huge hit TV Series Game Of Thrones has thrust her into the spotlight and mainstream success. We suspect she’s slightly better off now, but are sure she is praying for her career to take off after the Game Of Thrones series wraps up. She is reported to earn of $2 million per episode.

We wish her the best of luck.

Courtney Love

The former wild child of rock, partner of the late Kurt Cobain, Courtney’s financial affairs are seemingly as tumultuous as her lifestyle. At one point she had only $4000 left in the bank and was forced to live in a rented apartment with her daughter.

She has somewhat recovered since by selling her 25% stake in the Nirvana music catalogue, and is still active as an actress. In early 2017, Courtney was cast in the TV movie “Menedez : Blood Brothers”, playing the role of Kitty Menedez. She won considerable critical acclaim for the role, and continued her acting career in the biopic JT Le Roy. Produced by Justin Kelly, she played alongside heavyweights Laura Dern, Kristen Stewart and Diane Kruger. It seems this is a lady that you just cannot put down!

Stephen Baldwin

One of the stars of the cult classic The Usual Suspects, Stephen Baldwin’s might have to carry out a daring heist in real life if his financial difficulties are not resolved. He filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2011, with $70,000 in credit card debt, $1.19 million on two mortgages and over $700,000 in back taxes to the IRS. Ouch!

Like his brother Alec, we suspect he is looking for acting work to garner an income, though aside from a brief appearance on Celebrity Apprentice, we have not seen much of him since the Usual Suspects days.

Margot Kidder

Margot Kidders tale is perhaps the most tragic on this list. Famous for starring alongside Christopher Reeve in four Superman movies in the 80s (Reeve also had a tragic accident), Margot was involved in a violent auto accident, which left her with huge medical bills.

She was unable to pay and therefore had to file for bankruptcy. To add to her troubles, she was diagnosed with severe Bi Polar disorder, and at one point was spotted living on the streets and sleeping in backyards in the luxurious parts of Los Angeles.

She has since been treated for her mental illness and is free from manic episodes, though we suspect she will never again find riches or stardom.

Chris Tucker

You’ve probably heard of Chris Tucker, as he has starred in a number of hit movies, including the well known Rush Hour Series, Lu Bessons The Fifth Element and Quentin Tarantino‘s Jackie Brown. At one point it looked like he was heading straight for the big time.

However, his financial acumen didn’t match his acting prowess and he accrued huge debts despite a large income – and in 2017 he no longer stars in hit movies, but his expenses remain. He’s in huge debt to the IRS and is thus officially bankrupt.

There are rumours he will star in Rush Hour 4 which would help a resurgence – we hope this works out for him.

Janice Dickinson

Billed as the World First Supermodel (usually by herself), Dickinson was a big name in the 1970s and 1980s, commanding huge fees as a worldwide top fashin model.

Once her looks started to fade, she tried her hand at TV and had modest success with The Janice Dickinson Modelling Agenecy, but this too faded after four seasons and she has struggled to make money since.

With a net worth of under $500,000 she is not broke but her net worth is dwindling year by year.

Gary Busey

You’ve surely heard of Gary Busey, most probably because of hit movies like the first Point Break, Lethal Weapon and Predator 2. He was once a highly prolific actor, famous for his fiery personality and large shiny white teeth.

Unfortunately his career has dwindled significantly alongside his bank balance, and as of 2017 he has a net worth of under $500,000 – some middle class American families are worth more than this!

A real shame because he was an entertaining on screen prescence.

MC Hammer

Remeber the hit song “U Can’t Touch This” by the baggy trousered star MC Hammer? It was a smash hit and he won numerous awards, including the Best Rap Solo and Best R&B song at the Grammy Awards in 1991.

He has never since hit those dizzying heights again however, despite diversifying into a web business and a book deal – and as of late 2017 still has huge tax bills and over $13 million in debt.

As with some of the other former big names on this list, his luxury lifestyle and spending habits got him into trouble from which he might never recover…

Wesley Snipes

We’re sure you remember Wesley Snipes, well known for starring in some of the biggest action movie smashes of all time – including the Blade trinity and The Expendables movies.

Snipes made a ton of money during the period 1998 – 2004, but it all started to unravel in 2005 when he was involved in a tax fraud case. He thought he could battle Uncle Sam, claiming at one point that there is no legal basis to pay taxes. Bad move. Uncle Sam disagreed and he was locked up in 2010 for 3 years.

He also foolishly claimed that he is as tough in real life as in the movies, famously challenging Joe Rogan to a fight (which Rogan gladly accepted). Luckily for Snipes it never happened, as he would likely have been physically as well as financially destroyed. Seems to be a case of an over inflated ego getting the better of him…

Mike Tyson

Surely one of the most famous boxers of all time, Tyson accrued over $300 million in his stellar career, but now in 2017 is has filed for bankruptcy due to debts of over $23 million.

He’s a complex character, and it seems his misfortune was for a variety of reasons, including the exer exploitative Don King – but there is no doubting that his extravagent lifestyle and lack of fiscal sense was a big part of his downfall.

Now in 2017 he has started stand up comedy and talk shows to make ends meet, and whilst he will never again hit those highs, he seems more at peace with himself than he ever was in his heyday.

Dennis Rodman

The man with the wildest hair on the NBA court, Dennis Rodman made a fortune in his lengthy career but has squandered it all, with debts of over $1 million which he will probably never be able to repay.

Financial mismanagement was the cause, alongside felonious behaviour, including drunk driving and hit and run crimes in California. Very odd behaviour from a guy who had millions only a few years previously.

He’s attemtped to make a comeback, which hasn’t really materialised, and now spends his time on various TV shows and bizarrely regularly visits King Jon Un in North Korea, who he states is a “friend for life”. Could he make a comeback as the guy who brokers world peace and finally reigns in the most dangerous and prepressive regime on the planet?

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes was once as famous child star, well known for her role in What I like What I Like About You, which ran from 2002 to 2006. She moved on to star in relatively successful movies in the late 2000s, culminating starring alongside Emma Stone in Easy A in 2010.

It all came crashing down in 2012 however when she was caught drink driving – she is not the only female celebrity on this list who suffered this fate! She was subsequently sectioned for mental health problems, and her career died off as a result.

Now officaly broke she is trying to make a comeback in a TV Series – we wish her the best of luck!

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton is most well known for playing Kyra Collins in the 1999 smash movie The Sixth Sense. She’s had some realtive success with less well known movies since, but has never catapulted to mega stardom since.

Nevertheless, her net worth was estimated at $16 million in 2015 but is now under $1 million in 2017. For celebrity circles, this is low.

Cyndi Lauper

The Girls Just Want To Have fun singer filed for bankruptcy in the early 80s after her first band went nowhere. However unlike the other stars in our list, Lauper went onto bigger and better things as a solo artist – so much so infct that she has inspired a generation of new artists and entered into the Hollywood and Songwriters Hall Of Fame.

She’s still active now and is currently on a world tour called Detour. She’s been at the top of her game since her first bankruptcy and her story shows the power of persistence and talent winning through in the end.

Mick Fleetwood

Despite being the driving influence behind one of the most celebrated, chereished and famous bands of all time (Fleetwood Mac), Mick Fleetwood was forced to file for bankruptcy in 1984, with debts of nearly $4 million, and insufficient assets to pay them off.

The album sales from Fleetwood Mac have been so colossal however that he was able to bounce back, and infact in 2003 he released a solo album that went on to make millions. With a talent like this, it’s hard to keep him down…

We have to wonder, how can you spend $14 million in 2 years when your career isn’t going as well as you would like?