When you think of celebrities, you think of glamour, enviable lifestyles and beautiful people. In most cases it’s true.

But sometimes celebrities surprise us all and marry up with partners who are, shall we say, not quite in their league.

Here we present a lighthearted list of the top celebrities who traded down and partnered up with ugly significant others!

Pierce Brosnan And Keely Shaye Smith

One of the best James Bonds, Pierce Brosnan is famous for his classically handsome rugged good looks and charm. The handsome Irishman could have picked virtually any woman he wanted, so the world was shocked when he married Keely Shaye Smith, who is simply not in the same looks league as the dashing Irish actor.

The couple met in 1994 and are still together in 2017 – an incredible feat given the amount of temptation Brosnan must have experienced.

He’s a rock solid guy seemingly, and stated in numerous interviews that he only has eyes for Keely and is blissfully happy.

They have 2 children together, who both seem to have inherited 007’s looks.

Hugh Jackman And Deborah Lee Furness

Consistently voted in the top lists for the world’s most desirable men, Hugh Jackman could have had it all..But he chose love instead and partnered with a surprisingly plain Jane type of woman.

They met on set of an Australian TV series called Cornelli in 1995, and apparently fell in love straight away.

Since then Hugh’s career has obviously gone from strength to strength, whilst Deborah’s has stalled. However despite it all the couple are amazingly still together, with 2 children.

Talk about beating the odds!

Salma Hayek And Francois-Henri Pinault

The french billionaire has practically unlimited money, but he doesn’t match Salma Hayek for physical appeal.

The couple met in Italy in 2006 and Salma gave birth to her daughter very shortly after. Married in 2007, the couple reitered their vows in 2009 after a temporary breakup. The breakup was caused by Francois’s infedelity (we have to wonder what seduction skills this man has!)

In 2011 Francios strayed again and fathered a child with famous model Linda Evangelista. Salma stuck by her man however and the couple are still together.

Beyonce And Jay Z

When these 2 announced their partnership, the celebrity world drew a collective gasp of breath in surprise at the mismatch in physical beauty. After all, Beyonce is routinely voted amongst the worlds most beautiful women, and has been for 20 years now. Whilst Jay Z really has not!

It seems real too. They have produced 1 child (so far), whose appearance remains a mystery, because the couple never release photos of the childs face (this is probably due to concerns about privacy).

Despite the disparity in physical beauty the couple seem happy and we wish them the best.

Kristen Bell And Jack Shepard

Physical mismatch? Kristen Bell is clasically beautiful, whilst Shepard is a little tall, lanky and odd looking.

Despite this the couple seem blissfully happy together and unlike some of the other couples on our list there are no reports of infedelity or problems.

The couple got married in October 2013 when their daughter was 7 months old.

The wedding was a very modest affair and was carried out in a registry office in Las Vegas – costing just $147!

Sarah Jessica Parker And Matthew Broderick

Sarah Jessica Parker, famous for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the smash hit long running TV Series didn’t really land her own Mr Big with Matthew Broderick.

There’s a big mismatch in looks and career progress between the two, and Broderick seems to have done very well out of it!

They were introduced in 1992 and married in 1997 – though little is known about their long standing marriage.

Rumours swirled about Broderick’s infedility in 2008 when he was accused of having an affair with a 25 year old.

Adriana Lima And Marko Joric

Adriana Lima is one of the world’s premiere supermodels – and Marko Joric is..just not. Formerly dating Leonardo Di caprio, Lima seems to have taken a backwards step with the relatively unknown Serbian basketball player with the odd looking close set eyes.

They met in 2007 and after a whirlwind romance they tied the knot on Valentines Day in 2009.

They have 2 beautiful daughters together – who fortunately seem to have inherited their mothers looks – and are still blissfully married today in 2017. Love is truly blind!

Felicity Huffman And William H Macy

William H Macy is clearly not a looker and is famous mostly for playing kooky, insecure and weak men – who usually either get eaten by a dinosaur or shot to pieces by more rough, masculine men.

So it was something of a surprise to the celebrity world when he managed to snag the beautiful Felicity Huffman.

Their story is quite interesting. They met at a Theatre Company, where William was a teacher and Felicty a student. They actually dated for an incredible 15 years before getting married in 1997!

They remain together in marital bliss to this day.

Elizabeth Banks And Max Handelman

A careet improving role in The Hunger Games has propelled Elizabeth Banks to new heights in her career, and she’s got the physical beauty to match. Looking at Max, it’s clear he doesn’t match up physically.

The couple met back in 1992 and incrediibly, Elizabeth made the first move on Max! He kept her under control for 10 years and only finally married her in 2002 because he “felt he owed it to her”

The couple have 2 sons, who are now nearly fully grown and they remain together.

Clive Owen And Sarah Jane Fenton

Another famous movie star male who seems to be dating down – Clive Owen just gets better and better with age, whilst
his wife gets worse.

They’ve been married for nearly twenty years, having met in 1998 – and whilst Clive’s career has gone from strength to strength, his wifes has not. Couple with her expanding waistline and increasingly wrinkled appearance, it’s surprising that he’s never strayed.

His wife must be jealous about Clives glamourous co stars, wondering how long the relationship can possibly last – especially given that there are no children involved.

Isla Fisher & Sacha Baron Cohen

The stunning redheaded actress first met the hairy Borat comedian in 2002, and the couple were engaged in 2004. They dated for six years until finally marrying in 2010.

Whilst Isla is cute and clasically beautiful, Sacha relies more on his charm and humour to keep her interested.

She appears very happy in their relationship however and they have 2 children together, 10 and 6 years old respectively.

Isla has mentioned that Sacha’s oddball behaviour sometimes embarasses her whilst making her laugh all at the same time.

Tina Fey And Jeff Richmond

Interesting story about these two : the former SNL star admitted on a TV interview that she had difficulty finding a man and was actually a virgin until she met her future husband.

Tina is gorgeous to look at and although on 5″4, she is still 4 inches taller than Jeff who is precisely 5″0.

We guess it’s his confidence that attracted her in the first place, as she must be a little insecure to have trouble dating despite her success, fun personality and great looks. As the couple are still married, Jeff is the only man she has ever experienced and she appears blissfully happy about it.

Maline Ackerman And Roberto Zincone

Talk about a mismatch! The gorgeous Swedish – Canadian actress met Roberto whilst in the same band together – he was the drummer, she the singer. They were together for several years though recently divorced, and we understand Maline has since gone on to date a man more within her looks league.

She’s also appeared in several high profile movies – most notably Watchmen – whilst he has remained a drummer in a relatively unknown and obscure band.

We guess she must have been blinded by his charm at the time!

Rick Ocasek And Paulina Porizkova

Paulina Porizkova is considered one of the worlds first supermodels and though in 2017 she is much older now, she is still clearly a beautiful woman (those elite genetics fade only slowly).

By looking at our picture here, you can see that Rick Ocasek has aged less well, and though he may have been a heart throb back in the 80s, he’s long since lost his charm.

Paulina has stood by her man though and is quoted as saying that she considers her husband better than George Clooney. The man must have charm and charisma like you wouldn’t believe!