Ever watched a movie and marvelled at the perfect, pearly white teeth of the celebrities you see on screen – and wondered how you can achieve such perfection yourself?

With advances in cosmetic dentistry, the chances are you probably can! There are a multitude affordable cosmetic dentistry procedures now available to the average person to give you that perfect “Hollywood Smile”. Even for those without the money to afford upfront costs, there are options for cosmetic dentistry finance deals available to get you the results you want NOW.

It’s rare to find anyone with perfect teeth, so there’s a good chance that the celebrity you’re watched has had some form of cosmetic dental surgery.

Here we go through the top Cosmetic Dentistry Secrets Of The Stars that you can copy to get you perfect teeth and smile with confidence for the rest of your life.

1. Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

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Cosmetic dentistry teeth whitening is a procedure in which a powerful bleach agent is applied to the teeth to make them much whiter than your natural colour. Chances are that your teeth are not naturally in the top range of whiteness (but don’t feel bad, very few people have naturally super white teeth). As you can see from the picture, Lindsay Lohan has had cosmetic teeth whitening carried out to give her teeth that super bright teeth look.

There are 2 main options for cosmetic teeth whitening : professional tooth whitening, or by using at home kits. Professional tooth whitening is your best chance for success (and is safer too), because a special cast is taken of your teeth, so that the teeth whitening agent never gets near your gums. The cast is made, and you return to the teeth whitening clinic for the procedure. This method of teeth whitening is also much safer because the gel that whitens your teeth is specially made so that it protects the teeth enamel as well as the gums. The results are excellent and it is possible to transform your smile in about 1 hour, possibly making your teeth up to 10 shades whiter!

For a cheaper alternative, you can use home teeth whitening kits. Here you make the cast yourself and apply the whitening gel. However the bleaching agent is nowhere near as powerful, and has a higher risk of complications because the gums and enamel are not as well protected. Other alternatives include whitening strips, whitening toothpaste and for the really lazy, whitening gum!

2. Orthodontist Braces

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Probably one of the most common forms of cosmetic dentistry, orthodontist braces are fixed to the teeth to correct crooked teeth, improve an off centre bite, close gaps in the teeth and generally bring your lips and teeth into the correct alignment. Once again, as you can see from the picture, Mr Tom Cruise has used these braces as an adult to give him the perfect teeth that he has today. There are important health benefits to your teeth aside from the cosmetic benefit, because crooked teeth are much harder to keep clean and over time increase the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

There are various kinds of orthodontist braces that you can use : the most popular alternatives include Invisalign (so called because they are hardly visible) or the more traditional metal braces. You can also choose ceramic braces which are much less visible than the metal alternatives (Tome Cruise used these), and finally lingual braces, which actually fit behind the teeth! As an adult, you will typically need to wear the orthodontic braces for about a year.

The cost of orthodontic braces depends on the type.

Metal braces (traditional braces) : $3,000 – 7,000
Ceramic braces : $4,000 – 8,000
Lingual braces : $8,000 – 10,000
Invisalign : $4,000 – 7,400

3. Porcelain Veneers

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Porcelain Veneers are thin but strong pieces of porcelain that are placed on top of your natural teeth to create the natural look of your teeth. The material used is very strong and well made, with about the same resilience as human tooth enamel. They are typically used to cover gaps in teeth, slightly change the position of crooked teeth, or just give an overall whiter shade to your natural teeth colour. They can also be moulded specifically to change the size and shape of your teeth, to give you the much coveted perfect smile.

As you can clearly see from our picture, Tom Cruise has had excellent results from using porcelain veneers and now has one of the most famous smiles in the world.

The main benefits of tooth veneers is that you can get the same results as orthodontic braces without the hassle of wearing the braces for over a year. As you can see from our picture, many celebrities have opted for tooth veneers over braces, with excellent results.

The cost of porcelain veneers varies, but is usually between $925 and $2,500 per tooth. However, the veneers can last up to 10-15 years.

4. Cosmetic Dental Implants

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For those of you who have unfortunately lost teeth, Dental Implants involve placing an artificial root into your jaw to hold an artificial tooth or bridge. There are several well known cases of celebrities who have had this dental implant procedure as you can see from the picture above. Check out the photo of Nicholas Cage above and you can see he’s had dental implants to change the shape of his teeth, and looks like he’s had teeth whitening too.

The best results from dental implants are gained through having overall good general oral health, without any kind of peridontal disease. To achieve this, you must regularly brush your teeth, keep your gums in good health with interdental brushes and also pay a trip to your dentist for scaling and polishing procedure. Once your gums are in good health you then have 2 main options for dental implants :

Endosteal Implants: The most common form of dental implant. This involves surgically inserting screws, cylinders or blades into the jawbone, which holds in place fake (prosthetic) teeth. Although this sounds horrific and painful, this implant procedure is nowhere near as painful as it sounds and a well qualified implant dentist will have no problem carrying out this procedure for you with minimal pain or fuss.

Subperiosteal: Here the implants are placed on top of the jaw, with specially designed metal screws going through the gum to hold the prosthetic tooth in place. These types of dental implants are typically used for patients who have less natural bone available (either due to age or genetics). Again, the implant procedure is not as painful or as grisly as it actually sounds!

So what are you waiting for? Use these tips and get the same results as these world famous celebrities to get your perfect smile today!