When I was younger (many moons ago, of course!) a first birthday party entailed a birthday cake, small gift, a card and maybe even a small get together with close family and friends. It was just as special, and just as memorable. After all, surely if you have your nearest and dearest around you, that’s all you need, right?

It would seem that’s not the case. Today, milestone birthdays are more extravagant than ever before, with many people going to great lengths to ensure that they celebrate in the biggest, most elaborate way they can, particularly when it comes to celebrating children’s birthdays.

From transforming homes into zoos, back yards into fairgrounds, and renting out entire attractions such as Disney Land for the day, it would seem that birthday parties are getting bigger every year – particularly within the crazy, often distorted world of celebrity culture.

But that’s not all, the gifts that children receive are also getting more extravagant, with many celebrity parents even handing out a preferred gift list prior to their little one’s party.

From expensive gifts, elaborate entertainment, and VIP guest lists, it would seem celebrities are spending in excess of £70,000 to ensure that their little ones experience a day to remember.

This is not a new trend though. For the past decade, shows such as MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen, have highlighted the increasing popularity of expensive parties – documenting the over the top birthdays of some of the UK’s and USA’s wealthiest teenagers. From range rovers, horses and luxury holidays, viewers watched the stars of the show receive mountains of expensive gifts, as they celebrated in luxurious surroundings with their family and friends. But is this all to too much, too young?

We all want our children to have the best of everything, but is spending extortionate amounts on birthday parties setting the right example to children when it comes to money?

We’ve looked back at some of the recent extravagant celebrity children’s birthday parties.

 Tamara Ecclestone celebrates her daughter’s first birthday party

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Labelled in the press as one of the “most extravagant first birthday parties ever,” Tamara transformed her London home into a spectacular celebration that featured a petting zoo, balloon castle, and even a zebra, sheep and puppies.

Said to have cost an eye watering £70,000, the party was held in the back garden of her lavish London mansion.

And the guest list was just as spectacular. Guests included a host of A-list celebrities who arrived at the socialite’s home armed with a wealth of giant presents for her one year old, Sophia.

Kim and Kanye mark North’s birthday

Another celebrity couple that don’t do things by half is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. They have made no secret of showering their daughter with expensive toys, clothes and gifts, so when it came to celebrating her first birthday, it was unsurprising that they chose to host such an elaborate affair.

Back in June 2014, Kim and Kanye hosted a “Kidchella’ festival-themed birthday bash for their daughter’s first birthday.

Following the same concept and set up of the adult festival, ‘Coachella’, the party featured everything from a giant Ferris wheel and bouncy castle, through to ice cream vans, teepees and even a live karaoke stage

Jay Z and Beyoncé celebrate Blue Ivy’s 2nd birthday

Another power couple to mark their daughter’s birthday in style was Jay Z and Beyoncé. To mark Blue Ivy’s 2nd birthday, they threw her a lavish princess themed birthday party at a Miami wildlife park.

Featuring popcorn makers, a Minnie Mouse – mobile, princess themed cake and face painting, no expense was spared when it came to marking her second birthday.

Guests were even able to enjoy interacting with the park’s monkeys, snakes, and even feed the lion cubs.