We all know that it is important to eat a nutritious, well-balanced diet in order to live a healthy lifestyle. We know which foods are bad for us, and we know which ones we should avoid completely.

But healthy eating doesn’t have to be about cutting out all of your favourite foods completely. By being sensible, thinking carefully about what you’re eating, and replacing unhealthy ingredients with healthier ones, you can still eat the things you want without impacting upon your healthy lifestyle.

Juice for fruit

Although fruit juice may count towards one of our five a day, it is also higher in sugar and lower in fibre than a piece of fruit. So, instead of a glass of orange juice, why not eat an orange instead. As well as offering plenty of health benefits, making this swap each morning will save you 150 calories every day – that’s 54,750 in one year!!

Salad dressings for oil and balsamic vinegar

Everything that is in a salad is healthy, right? It’s a salad after all. Wrong. Just because it’s called a salad, doesn’t mean that you can pay any less attention to what you’re putting in to it. Salad dressings might be delicious but they can also be high in calories and have a really long list of ingredients. Mixing oil and balsamic vinegar together makes a simple, healthy, and tasty salad dressing that is just as tasty.

Lettuce for spinach

Whilst we’re on the subject of salads, swapping your iceberg lettuce for a nice big handful of raw spinach is another way to earn extra healthy eating points. As well as being full of vitamin K, vitamin A, calcium, and iron, spinach is also super tasty and will give your salad an extra kick.

Processed grains for whole grains

Refined carbohydrates, such as white bread, white rice, and sugary sweets can be just as bad for you as traditionally ‘bad’ foods such as cream and butter. Whole grains, such as brown bread and brown pasta, contain plenty of fibre, B vitamins, magnesium, zinc, and other nutrients and are a much healthier option. So next time you’re making a sandwich, reach for the brown bread instead of the white

Eating out for eating in

If you’re trying to have an all round healthy lifestyle, try to swap eating out for eating in. That’s not to say that you can’t enjoy the occasional meal out, but make sure it’s a treat rather than a habit.

And it’s not just about three course meals and dinners out, think every meal through – rather than grabbing that sandwich for your lunch, make your own the night before so that you know exactly what is in it and can ensure that it is as healthy (and delicious!) as possible. This will not only help you avoid temptations and unseen traps and stay healthy, but it will also help your bank balance stay healthy too!

Salt for herbs and spices

To maintain a healthy diet, it’s important to watch your salt intake. As well as avoiding salty processed foods, try reducing the amount of salt that you use in your cooking, or even better, cut it out completely. One way to reduce the salt without compromising on taste, is to replace it with herbs and spices, which will enhance the flavours in your dish.

Sugary drinks for flavoured water

Of course, it’s not just food that counts, what you drink also has a huge impact on your overall health and wellbeing. As well as cutting out fizzy drinks, other drinks such as fruit juices and cordials, can also be just as high in sugar. Why not make your own healthy, refreshing, low-sugar, flavoured waters by simply adding slices of your favourite fruits to water. Cucumber is a real winner!