From time to time, we all get bored of our hair, and reach a natural stage in our lives when a change is much needed.

But in the crazy world of celebrity culture, there isn’t a week that goes by when our favourite celebs and style icons are not sporting a new hairstyle. And no matter how much we try to deny it, we are all guilty of casting a judging eye over their new looks, and often even turning to them for inspiration when it comes to changing our own hair.

With their endless bank accounts and stylists on call 24/7, celebrities are constantly experimenting with their hair and appearance, and we’re all fascinated by what they are going to do next.

This year, we’ve already seen platinum blonde bobs, blue and pink highlights, and celebrities going from blonde to chocolate brown. Nothing is off limits and it would seem that many of our favourite celebs are taking extreme measures to transform their appearance and being more daring than ever before.

Here’s a list of some of this year’s most drastic hair transformations that have dominated headlines around the world.

Blondes have more fun…

Kim Kardashian, star of hit reality TV show, Keeping up with the Kardashians is constantly changing the way she looks, pushing the boundaries of style to make a statement wherever she goes. Love her or hate her, many of us cannot help but be fascinated by her bizarre celebrity lifestyle.

The Kardashians are no strangers to dominating the headlines, with the paparazzi following their every move and the media constantly documenting the ups and downs of their lives. But it has always been Kim who has gained the most attention and media interest.

In the past year, we have seen her experiment with the length and colour of her hair, and even post an image of her sporting a blonde wig to tease her 28 million Instagram followers.

But no one was expecting what came next. Earlier this month, Kim swapped her signature dark hair for bright blonde platinum locks, which she debuted at Paris Fashion Week, slicked back in a short bob.

The reaction was very much as you would expect it to be – the press around the world were quick to respond to her new look, sharing snaps of her in almost every celebrity magazine and tabloid newspaper.  And it looks like the reality star has no intentions of going back to her roots, having continued to post photos of her hair covered in dye, with the caption, “Being blonde is a full time job”. What’s the verdict? Do you think she should stick with her blonde locks, or return to her infamous dark brown mane?

The classic bob gets a nod from Myleene Class

This is another celebrity who is no stranger to experimenting with the way she looks, but never before has the singer, TV presenter and fashion icon made such as drastic change to her hair.

Having teased fans with an Instagram snap of a pile of chopped-off locks on a salon floor, she quickly unrevealed her fresh new look just in time for Spring. And it couldn’t be more different from the long locks that she has famously sported since stepping into the spotlight as a member of Hear’Say more than a decade ago.

Now sporting a chic brunette bob, the mum of two shared her new edgy, asymmetric long cut on Instagram with the caption, “Check the hurr.”

Created by hairdresser to the stars, Ben Cooke at Lockonego, her new look as generated lots of attention from her fans, who have been quick to compliment her new mane! But what do you think? Was she right to brave the chop?

Hilary Duff embraces pastel blue


When it comes to this year’s hair trends, it’s all about daring to be different and experimenting with an eye-catching palette of pastel colours.

With some of the celebrity world’s most experimental and rebellious style icons, such Kylie Jenner, Miley Cyrus and Kelly Osbourne, no strangers to sporting statement hair styles and colours, no one expected fresh faced Hilary Duff to swap her trademark blonde locks for a pale turquoise dye over a grey base. We definitely didn’t see this one coming!

The 27 year-old Disney Star stepped out sporting the mermaid inspired look in march this year. Following an announcement that she had filed for divorce from her estranged husband, Mike Comrie, it seems like Hilary is ready to make a fresh start in more ways than one… but does she pull it off?