Its that time of the year again!!!!!! Time to hit the slopes, catch air, and feel the wind in our ears as we carve our graffiti into the sides of mountains. It looks like its going to be a great season across America and Canada, mountains of fresh powder, nicely prices lift passes, and some amazing deals on the newest gear. To all our readers who enjoy the worlds greatest sport, we wish you safe and epic riding this year! Here is our round up of some must have gear for the 2016 season.

1. Beardski Prospector Ski Snowboard Mask

Beardski Prospector Ski Mask
Awesome Beardski

We are pretty sure that this face protector will not cause you to progress faster, nor will it enable you to hit your first backside 360. Its not even cutting edge technology from a cabin in Northern Canada, BUT, and its a big BUT, its hella cool. Its also very likely to keep your face nice and warm as you climb up the altitude, and its obviously going to make you stand out – its so cool we even recommend that all the awesome snowboarded chicks also pick one up. Oh yeah, despite the product description, we highly doubt that *any* skier will ever wear this (apart from ski cross – who we all secretly admire).

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2. Oakley Flight Deck Ski Snowboard Goggles

Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles
Go Big Or Go Home!

Don’t be one of those losers with small goggles that you bought from a man at the side of the road on your drive up the mountain. Bigger is better, and Oakley is the best. This flight deck model maximizes your field of view, both peripheral and downward. They help you spot the nice jumps from a good distance and avoid the rocks when blasting off piste. I wear these goggles and I can tell you, they take a lot of punishment, meeting ANSI standards for impact resistance. They also feature an interchangeable lens system which is super useful for night ski and snow days. They fit pretty much any helmet; there is simply no better goggle.

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3. Salomon 2015 Brigade Audio Ski Helmet

Salomon 2015 Brigade Audio Ski Helmet
Safety and Tunes

If you ride, you should always protect your head, its never fun, even with a helmet smacking the back of your head when you catch an edge at 50mph. Snowboarding is an epic sport, brain injuries however are not. This helmet meets all the usual safety requirements, and is nice and simple looking, rather than the more ‘complex’ looking ski style helmet. It comes with integrated audio, so you can enjoy tunes and that epic feeling of being alone, going fast, and thrashing down the mountain. Oh its also beanie compatible which is super important. Stay safe out there boarders!

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4. Triple Eight T8 Bumsaver

Triple Eight T8 Bumsaver
Protect Your Butt

Yeah yeah, its not cool to admit that you wear these, but whatever! If you are a beginner, these will save you that brutal learning experience of busting up your tailbone. If you like park, you are gonna know how much it sucks to land hard on your butt. Even if you ride well, these shock absorbing shorts are great for letting you flop down throughout the day without regard for later asspain. They are mesh so dont turn your crotch into a sweat pool, and light/thin enough to wear off season on your skateboard. Triple 8 have a full range of wrist, knee etc protection – and in our opinion there is nothing wrong with adding some extra safety.

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5. Burton Burden Snowboard

Burton Burden Snowboard
Its a Burden

Unless you are Travis Rice, you probably dont need the ultimate new board every season. There are HUGE savings to be had on last seasons boards, and to be honest you arent going to miss out on much [although the new Burton playboy board is awesome]. For the more budget minded pick up one of these slightly older models. We love Burton boards for their awesome ride. If you are worried about their channel binding system, dont be, it works well and has really come of age. This burden board is a V-Rocker, Twin-Like, with directional flex and a carbon I-Beam, its also light and bounces. Highly recommended.

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6. DC Men’s Travis Rice Snowboard Boot

DC Men's Travis Rice Snowboard Boot
Travis Rice Wears These

This is another personal recommendation, and no I’m not Travis Rice (I wish). His signature DC line of boots are super hard wearing and keep their firmness well past 1000miles ridden. The double boa system allows you to get them tightened or loosened to your exact preference. The big dials lock and dont come loose during even the most messy riding, they are also easily and quickly adjustable without taking off your gloves, and a simple click allows you to open them fully for some comfort on the lifts. They feature a pro level ventilation system and an internal harness system for maximum comfort. Also Travis actually wears these, if its good enough for the godfather of boarding, its good enough for us.

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7. Union Flite Pro Snowboard Bindings

Union Flite Pro Snowboard Bindings
Gigi Ruf Says Buy These Now

Bindings make a real difference, and these are among the best of the best. They have been designed in collaboration with the maestro Gigi Ruf, and are probably the lightest available before going into the crazy money range. They feature tool free adjustment, aluminum buckles that wont break like the ones on cheaper bindings, and rather special EVA bushings to absorb even the worst bumps and slams. We really love how easy and quick they are to strap in, every little detail is right with these bindings. We doubt you can find bindings that come in at only 730g for less. Highly recommended.

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