With a few celebrities eagerly signing up for PETA’s campaign – the one about posing in the nude under the headline “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” — other celebrities are clinging to their furry, winter-friendly attire with pride. So who are those stars grabbing up more attention wrapped in furs than those going au naturel? We’ve compiled a list of only fifteen of the most fur-loving celebrities, but there does seem to be a huge wave of animal skin lovers joining the trend lately.

1. Lady Gaga


For the winner of the number-one fur-lover position, we’ve chosen Lady Gaga. One look at this picture with her dressed head to toe with white fur and animal heads says it all. She looks like a gorgeous polar bear walking down the streets of New York. And since nobody will ever forget her meat dress, it’s clear that the ‘Lady’ likes to surround herself with as much of the animal kingdom as possible.

2. and 3. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

The adorable twins from the 80’s and 90’s hit TV Series Full House seem to be permanently joined at the hip. They take the fashion sense the same way. Finding one dressed in fur is a sure sign that her fur-dressed sibling isn’t far behind. It seems like the twins have a Full House of all types of jungle garments, since both are known for their love of fur coats, their use of feathers, as well as using many other animal skinned garments. When asked by one reporter about their constant use of furred items, Mary-Kate joked with, “See, all we do is pet things all day!”


4. Amber Rose

Having started her celebrity career at the age of fifteen as a stripper, Amber Rose isn’t sparing any expense on warm fur clothing now. When asked about her love of furs, she stated, “I just feel like it’s cold outside, and sorry, I just love fur! I mean, they’re already dead. It’s not like we’re killing cats and dogs; they’re not like family pets! They’re rodents.” Rodents? It kind of makes one wonder who she’s buying her furs from; or if any were harvested from New York’s sewers? Since it’s so cold outside, we wonder if a cat hat might help keep her head warm?

5. Beyonce


Animal rights activists have complained about Beyonce’s use of furs every since she wore a stunning black mink coat to U.S. President Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony in 2013. She was again blasted for wearing a fur costume at the Super Bowl and, most recently, the self-proclaimed vegetarian has been hammered for wearing animal skins including python, leather, and iguana while dinning at veggie-only restaurants. Apparently, Beyonce only wears what she doesn’t eat.

6. June Ambrose


This celebrity stylist has a knack for making fur one of the staples of her craft. Frequently seen wearing furs — even in warm weather — Ambrose is enthusiastic about sharing her furry ideas and styles with some of the music industry’s top celebrities, as well as any others who love furs. She does all this without a care to what animal activists have to say about her tastes in clothing. June lives large, draped in stylish animal skins.

7. Jennifer Lopez


A girl who has always done her own thing and doesn’t care who likes it, Jennifer has a love for furs. Her collection includes rabbit, chinchilla, mink, fox, and much more. Her clothing line named “Sweetface” even has many items that include fur. Animal activists have gone after her with many personal and hate-based remarks, but Lopez continues to keep her head high and walks with pride, draped in her furs.

8. Joan Rivers


Rivers is a woman who stood through the tests of time with class, style, and dignity – all while wrapped in fur. She fought with PETA for many years in defense of her furry styles, and she was even attacked when someone lost it and threw a can of red paint on her. It dowsed her sable coat, which she had bought over eighteen years prior. Rivers publicly accused PETA for the brutal assault, but the attacker escaped and was never located for prosecution. Her response to the lack of justice was loud and vocal with her statement, “What other kind of wackos go around doing that? Why don’t they go do something important? They’re not upset at the rat-poison dogs are eating in Central Park. Don’t go after middle-aged, affluent, white women who are just minding their own business. If an animal had to die to keep me warm for eighteen years, it’s okay.”

9. Kelis


Here we have another celebrity who has suffered some brutal and hate-filled speech from animal activists groups. This singer-songwriter and certified chef has no problem publicly firing back her responses, as Kelis recently wrote on her MySpace page, “I would eat pterodactyl if you found some and you told me it was meaty and delicious. I’m okay with eating a dinosaur… as long as it’s tasty… and probably only if it comes with a milkshake.” We’re thinking since she’s a certified chef, Kelis would probably be able to serve up prehistoric beast meat in an outstanding culinary delight.

10. Kim Kardashian


For a woman who only became famous – or maybe infamous – for releasing a sex tape of her with Ray J, it comes at no surprise that she’s not concerned with what people think of her fashion tastes. Animal activists groups have gone full throttle at attacking Kim on every media venue possible, and one person actually flour-bombed her. This covered her black hair and black fur coat with a dusting of white flour, and he’d done this in hopes of embarrassing Kim into complying with his ideals. They should all know by now that embarrassing Kim just isn’t possible; she’s possibly the highest paid porn star in the world, and has made millions from what most people would find unbearably embarrassing. That raunchy sex tape has been viewed, played, and replayed by half the world, and will follow Kim and all the future Kardashians forever. So, really, a white dusting means little to Kim, who is keeping her furs. Hopefully — for the sake of us and future generations — they’ll keep her covered so there’ll be no more sex acts displayed over the web.

11. Kanye West


Kanye often sports his animal skinned garment collection around Hollywood and beyond. These include leather, crocodile, and fur outfits made from a wide variety of animals, as well as the wool of unborn lambs called Astrakhan. West’s long-term battle with animal rights groups has him even writing messages directed at them into the lyrics of his songs, with one line that states, “Tell PETA my mink is dragging on the floor.” We doubt they’re buying up his latest musical hits to hear what his opinions are, but it’s worth a try.

12. Mary J. Blige


Mary has been a long-time wearer and lover of furs. The soul singer spares no expense when picking the very best skins from top designers, nor does she spare any words with her warning to animal activists. She’s stated, “Those PETA people don’t want to mess with me. They don’t want to throw paint on my coat because it’s not just going to be throwing paint. It’s going to be Mary in the news the next day, you know what I mean? What gives them the right to destroy someone’s coat because their opinion is that you shouldn’t wear animals? Understand what I’m saying?” It seems she has made her position pretty clear — with a hint to what might become a bloody street battle if her furs get doused in red paint.

13. P. Diddy


This once fur draped celebrity has been converted; maybe. Seems that P had a meeting with PETA, whereby they say they’ve convinced him to go for faux fur only. In a following interview Diddy stated, “PETA has had an effect on me. If you look at a lot of the Sean John stuff, we have gone to faux fur.” However, it seems that Diddy doesn’t know diddly-squat about what is fake fur and what is the real skinny. His clothing line was recently pulled from stores due to an investigation by the Humane Society, which revealed that his clothing line was made from the furs of raccoon dogs and cats, even though the garments were advertised as faux fur. Well, if P. Diddy doesn’t know what he’s wearing, then we sure don’t either.

14. Paris Hilton

For another woman whose only claim to fame is her last name and several well publicized brushes with the law – as well as the release of her porn video – Hilton is routinely the target of animal activists due to her love of furs. This has even earned her a flour bombing. She wore this white fur in what appears to be her attempt at mirroring Marilyn Monroe’s signature pose; it may not be faux fur, but, according to Paris’ sex tape, there are at least two other very obvious things in this picture that are fake!

15. Patti LaBelle


Patti has a lovely collection of extravagant fur coats, and she wears them proudly without apology to anyone. LaBelle once stated in an interview, “I like my coats. I don’t want PETA to get mad at me, but I love chinchilla. It’s so soft. I love cashmere. They get mad at a little girl like me. But you know I work for it. When they start buying me coats is when I start listening to them.”

Nobody really believes that the celebrities who refuse to wear dead animal skins are going to be walking around this winter wearing only their birthday suits. However, the campaign of nude celebrities has been a great success at bringing the furry issue – or maybe just pictures of nude stars — into the public eye once again. Let’s just hope PETA doesn’t sign up Rosie O’Donnell or Alec Baldwin anytime soon, as most of us would rather see them covered with anything, rather than naked.