The 10 Most Evil Serial Killers The World Has Ever Known

Evil Serial Killers….Though horrific and disturbing, many people seem to share a dread fascination with these most terrifying examples of humanity : think of all the incredibly popular Hollywood movies, all the websites, analysis and media coverage they have received over the years. Most disturbingly, think of the fact that there have been several male serial killers who had female fan clubs (some of them even got married in prison).

Therefore, here is a list of the 10 of the most notorious, famous or just downright evil serial killers in history.

10 The Zodiac Killer

Popularised by the 2007 Hollywood Movie starring Jake Gylenhall and Robert Downey Junior, The Zodiac Killer operated during the late 1960s and 1970s in Northern California. He killed both men and women using either a handgun or most disturbingly, knifing them to death.

During his reign of terror Northern California was on constant high alert, probably due to the prolonged and widespread publicity he received after repeatedly sending taunting letters to the press, urging them to solve riddles and puzzles to discover his identity.

Despite thorough and painstaking investigation over many years, the police were never able to build a strong enough case against any suspect and the Zodiac Killer was never found. The murders remain unsolved to this day.

9. Luis Garavito

We have Luis Gavarito at no 9 but he is probably one of the most evil serial killers the world has ever known by sheer numbers. The Colombian monster is reported to have killed, raped and tortured over 300 young boys. Sickening.

He was found guilty of his crimes on an incredible 139 counts, but due to Colombian law can spend only a maximum of 30 years in prison. He was sentenced in 1999 and we hope he dies in prison before his release date, removing a great evil from this world.

8. Alexander Pichushkin

As you may be able to tell from the name, Alexander Pichuskin was a Russian serial killer, who operated between 1992 and June 2006. During his 14 year killing spree he is believed to have killed 49 people with sickening and horiffic violence : repeated hammer blows to the head and then inserting a vodka bottle into the open skull wound.

He gets his name because he stated he wanted to kill 64 people (the number of squares on a chessboard). He targetted mostly homeless people, who he lured with promises of Vodka before battering them to death.

He is still imprisoned to this day and thankfully will never be released.

7. Andrei Chikatilo

Another Russian serial killer, Andrei Chikatilo used a knife to butcher his victims, killing 53 women and children between 1978 and 1990 in Russia (notice how they keep going and cannot stop?) This is what scares people the most, we feel.

He states that when he killed he achieved “psychological relief” from his own mental hell, but he was self aware enough to know he was evil, saying :

“I know I need to be destroyed. I was a mistake of nature”

The Russian authorities granted him his wish when they killed him by firing squad in 1994.

6. William Bonin

Unlike most of the evil serial killers in our list, William Bonin was only active for one year, between 1979 and 1980. However he was horrifyingly prolific, torturing and murdering at least 21 young men during this time period.

He got the name of The Freeway Killer because he used to dump their lifeless bodies along freeways in Southern California.

Sadly for the world and most especially for the family of his victims, the sadistic, twisted scum kept correspondance with some of the families of his victims during his 16 years on Death Row telling them in detail how their child responded to his torture. Such monstrous inhumanity.

Thankfully he was killed in 1996 by lethal injection.

5. Aileen Wuornos

The only female evil serial killer to make this list, AileenĀ“s story became well known with the hit 2003 Hollywood movie “Monster”. Whilst not trying to sympathise with her story, the movie did hint at her tragic life history, but there are still no excuses for what she did.

Aileen was a street prostitute, and claimed she killed in self defence (from rape or attempted rape) She killed 7 men in total, and her claims of self defence never held up. She was interviewed for numerous TV programs and books whilst on Death Row, and was finally put to death by lethal injection in 1992.

She never really found peace and was defiant until the end. A terribly sad, tragic and horrific life for her and those who she prematurely killed off.

4. Jeffrey Dahmer

Another serial killer who killed over many years, Dahmer started his spree in 1978 and only stopped when he was caught in 1991. Of our list so far he was possibly the most sick and twisted, indulging in necrophilia and cooking body parts of his victims, then eating them.

He was eventually caught when one of his intended victims actually managed to overpower him (way to go!)

He was eventually sentenced to 15 terms of life imprisonment in 1992, but never lived out his full natural life : a fellow prisoner beat him to death several years after his incarceration. We suspect that was a terrifying and painful ordeal to go through but can muster up no sympathy for him whatsoever.

3. John Wayne Gacy

The 2nd American serial killer to make our list, John Wayne Gacy operated between 1972 and 1978 in Chicago, Illinois. He targetted teenage boys as his victims, and abused , tortured and finally murdered 33 that are known of before he was finally caught.

Gacy would tempt his victims to his house with promises of work or money, then murder them by strangling them to death or by using a tourniquet. He then buried the victims right under his house, then later threw the bodies in the the Des Plaines River. He was eventually convicted of all 33 murders and sentenced to death, but not before spending 14 years on Death Row (in our opinion a waste of taxpayers money). He was finally executed by lethal injection on May 10, 1994. Good riddance.

2. Pedro Rodriguez Filho

Perdo Rodriguez Filho is a less well known Brazilian serial killer, though he was no less terrifying, killing at least 71 people over a 10 year period before he was finally arrested in 1973. He was only convicted of the 71 murders in 2003 however.

Amazingly, he started killing at the age of 14!

Pedro was quite simply pure evil : he killed his own father whilst in prison (who was also serving jail time for murder), and incredibly also killed at least 47 other prisoners whilst incarcerated. Incredible.

Due to this utter monstrousness, he will die in prison as his sentence has been lengthened to 400 years. We can only pray the prison guards exercise extreme caution when in his presence.

1. Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy makes no 1 on our list due to sheer notoriety. He was an American serial killer, kidnapper, rapist and necrophlliac. An absolute monster.

He was very intelligent however and attempted to cover his tracks by operating in several states in the USA, eventually killing over 30 women. After murdering them, he would later go back to crime scenes and horrifyingly indulge in disgusting acts with the corpses.

Unfortunately, he seemed to have an appeal with women (and we cannot deny his good looks, intelligence and urbanity), and received an untold amount offers from women whilst incarcerated. The very definition of a Bad Boy, we suppose.

Aged 42 he was finally put to death by electric chair. Even his own defence attorney condemned him, saying “Ted was the very definition of heartless evil.”