Baywatch was without a doubt one of the worlds largest shows, and arguably the first truly global syndication. The show ran from 1989 till 1999, and then following a name and cast change for a further two years. Baywatch revolved around the work and lives of a team of ridiculously good looking life guards in Santa Monica, California. Lets be very honest though, the main attraction was not the crazy story lines, or the witty dialog – this show rocked due to the Baywatch Girls. In this article we take a look at the Baywatch girls then and now, and catch up on what they have been doing since the show ended. For our lady readers, dont worry we will do one about the male cast in a later article 😉

Baywatch Girls Then And Now : Yasmine Bleeth

Yasmine Bleeth, Weight Gain, Yasmine Bleeth 2016

Yasmine starred as Caroline Holden, and was in our opinion the hottest of all the Baywatch stars. She first broke onto TV in a baby shampoo commercial at the age of 10 months all the way back in 1969. She was so amazingly hot back in the 90s that she figured prominently in the FHM 100 Sexiest Women list every year between 1996 and 2001.

Towards the end of her role in Baywatch Yasmine went off the tracks literally by driving her car into the middle of Interstate 94, police found four syringes and a bad with cocaine residue in the car, and on a search of her hotel room more cocaine was discovered. She wrote that her addiction was so severe that she collapsed during a photo shoot for Glamour. She was sentenced to two years of probation and subsequently entered rehabilitation and got herself clean. She disappeared off the TV screens shortly after, but continued charitable work for cancer charities as a result of loosing her mother to the disease.

Baywatch Girls 2017 : Donna D’Errico

Donna D'Errico, Donna D'Errico Baywatch, Donna D'Errico Weight

Donna did things the wrong way around opting to appear in Playboy prior to taking a role on Baywatch. After this she appeared in a few other films and tv shows but sadly none of these were big roles or that successful. During the Baywatch halo she married a rockstar (Nikki Sixx), separated, got back together and then divorced him.

Its been all change since then, she now describes herself as a devout Roman Catholic, who not only attends Mass weekly, but also prays the Rosary every night with her two children. She used Kickstarter to fund an expedition to climb Mount Ararat to discover the remains of Noah’s Ark, she succeeded in climbing the mountain (despite falling off at the end), failed in finding Noah’s ark, and is by all accounts an amazing mother these days.

Baywatch Girls Then And Now : Nicole Eggert

Nicole Eggert, Weight Gain, Weightloss

Similar to Yasmine, Nicole started her fame at an early age in a baby shampoo commercial, she then spring boarded into many recurring roles including Whose the Boss?, Charles in Charge, and then had her major breakout role in Baywatch season three. She also appeared in Married with Children in an episode called Enemies, which was intended to be a spin-off from Friends but never went ahead.

In recent years she has participated in Celebrity Fit Club, and a few low grade movies and TV walk-ons. Currently she is the owner operator of an ice-cream truck, which she describes as a ‘family business with a twist’ – we do hope she lays off eating too much of her product – sorry, couldn’t resist.

4. Gena Lee Nolin

Gena Lee Nolin, Gena Lee Nolin 2016

Gena appeared on screens first as one of Barkers Beauties on the game show The Price Is Right, from there she took the obvious role as a model in The Young And The Restless before securing a place in Baywatch as Neely Capshaw. After Baywatch she went on to lead her own show in the early 2000’s called Sheena.

Today she is a fantastic mother to her three children, and married to a former NHL hockey player Cale Hulse. She is a published author writing about her experiences with thyroiditis, which debuted at #1 on Amazons Health section, her book is called Beautiful Inside & Out – Conquring thyroid disease with a Healthy, Happy, “Thyroid Sexy’ Life. She is also a writer for Celebrity Baby Scoop – which is a great blog for all things celebrity baby related – we have even used it for research!

5. Brooke Burns

Brooke Burns, Brooke Burns Baywatch, Brooke Burns 2016

Amusingly Wikipedia has a note that she is not to be confused with Brooke Burke, which is exactly what we did, much head scratching was had when we couldn’t remember the former appearing in Baywatch. Brooke BURNS first starred in Baywatch as Jessie Owens, but followed on from this success in many other big TV shows including Ally McBeal, Drop Dead Diva, CSI Miami, and Average Joe Hawaii.

She broke her neck in a diving accident in 2005 but made a full recovery, although she now has a titanium rod in her neck. Brooke is an exceptional woman who donates huge amounts of time to Pediatric AIDS, Give Back a Smile, and a wide range of other charities. Her best known role other than Baywatch is staring as both the pretty and ugly Katrina in Shallow Hal.

6 Kelly Packard

Kelly Packard, Kelly Packard 2016, Kelly Packard Pregnant

In addition to starring as April Giminski in Baywatch, Kelly also had roles in California Dreams, and co-hosted Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! She also had lesser guest stars in crowd pleasers such as The Wonder Years, Blossom, Step by Step, and Boy Meets World.

These days Kelly is a committed mother of four – and yes in the photo above she is pregnant, and yes this photo was sourced from her co star Gena Lee Nolins blog her most recent TV appearance was a hilarious episode of celebrity wife swap, which we feel she won!

Baywatch Girls Weight Gain: Erika Eleniak

Erika Eleniak, Erika Eleniak 2016, Erika Eleniak Baywatch

Although most people will remember Erika from her role as Shauni McClain in Baywatch, she also had some really big movie roles including E.T (Elliot kissed her), The Blob, The Beverly Hillbillies and one of our favorite cake scenes ever in Under Siege.

More recently Erica has has a range of weight issues due to eating disorders and laxative abuse, she was a participant on Celebrity Fit Club, which seems to be something many of the former Baywatch cast have done. She is still acting, although truth be told, none of her recent movies have been very good. She now lives with her daughter Indyanna and lives happily in Colorado. We wish her the very best – and thank her for lighting up our screens in Baywatch!