8. Alexandra Paul

Alexandra Paul, Alexandra Paul 2016, Alexandra Paul Baywatch
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Who would have thought that the Baywatch star without the silicone upgrades would go on to be arguably the most successful star? Absolutely no one in the 1990’s is the answer. Alexandra Paul has performed in over seventy movies and television shows since Baywatch, and lets not forget that she has a lot more than looks, being accepted to Stanford, producing and writing award winning documentaries, and a regular with TEDx.

She still acts, but we feel is more deserving of praise for being one of those rare celebrities that gets involved and cares about issues affecting our planet – rather than just being a pretty spokes person. She has been arrested over a dozen times for civil disobedience, and is involved in animal rights, environmentalism, and gay rights. Irrespective of anyone’s politics, we salute Alexandra for caring enough to do something – she is an inspiration!

9. Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra, Carmen Electra Baywatch, Carmen Electra 2016
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In addition to staring in Baywatch, Carmen has the one ring of power and will never age, looking even better at 43 than she did in her early roles. She also seems to have more energy than the energy bunny staring in countless TV shows and movies, launching products, dancing with the Pussycat Dolls, singing, being a Playboy bunny, and even starring in the occasional video game.

In her personal life she is onto marriage three after divorcing the rather odd Dennis Rodman – hopefully number three is lucky. She does amazing work with Head to Hollywood helping brain tumor survivors, Elevate Hope which helps abused and abandoned children, and the HollyRod foundation which supports those with debilitating conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease.

10. Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson, Weight Gain, Pamela Anderson 2016
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Pamela was without a doubt the superstar of Baywatch, but her first breakout role was in the TV show, Home Improvement. The blonde bombshell achieved even more fame through her frequent appearances in Playboy and infamy through her choice of rockstar partners including Tommy Lee, Kid Rock, and Brett Michaels. In March 2012 Pamela publicly stated that she had contracted Hepatitis C, allegedly from sharing tattoo needles – although we will never know.

Nowadays Pamela is very active on the charity scene, particularly in Animal Rights/PETA, MAC AIDS Fund, American Liver Foundation, and Friends of the Israel Defense Forces. She continues to act in films and TV shows that we have never heard of, but will always remain one of the most memorable faces and bodies of the 1990’s