The Cutest Puppies That Look Like Adorable Baby Teddy-bears

We like to start our articles with a short preamble where we explain ourselves and why the article was added, this one is no different. These puppies are amazingly cute and some are quite exotic breeds with high requirements in terms of exercise, diet, and care. If you are looking to buy a puppy, make sure you know what you are getting into, a dog is for life! Make sure you research where the dog has came from, if you want to buy pedigree, make sure your seller is reputable, registered with the relevant canine clubs, and most importantly AVOID puppy farms. If you just want a loving friend who will love you no matter what, please please consider a rescue dog – their lives depend on the excellent humans who adopt them. All of that said – please enjoy these heart melting puppies that look just like teddy bears 🙂

1. Samoyed

Samoyed Puppy

The Samoyed is a breed of dog which takes its name from the Samoyedic people from Siberia. These dogs are bred to be hardy as their original breeders used them for reindeer herding and for moving their nomadic houses on sleds. This breed has another name which is Bjelkier. They dont stay this size for long and quickly grow into fluffy adults that look a bit like lassie. They are renowned for being very friendly and make terrible guard dogs, in fact they are so friendly that they are often refereed to as Sammie Smile and Smiley Dog. They like to dig, and untrained ones can easily pull a grown adult off its feet. This is a dog for owners who know what they are getting into – you have been warned.