As most of the northern hemisphere is blanketed in rain, fog, and snow, its good to remember that summer is coming! In this article we take a look at some of the worlds wildest beaches and the parties that they throw. Its time to book a holiday with your travel agent, get beach body ready, and sit by the fire dreaming of the mojitos and crazy hotties of summer.

1. Cala Jondal Beach Ibiza

Ibiza Beach Club, Cala Jondal, Tropicana, Blue Marlin

Cala Jondal is an amazing beach on an island renowned and worshiped by mere mortals and celebrities alike for its seemingly endless range of phenomenal beaches. This beach can only be reached by car, or if you are loaded, private yacht. The beach is surrounded by pine trees and jagged cliffs, and is liberally dotted with exclusive restaurants which are popular with the rich and famous. Its quite common in Ibiza to bump into rockstars, footballers, and movie/tv stars, we recommend the Blue Marlin club which is one of the most famous VIP beach clubs on the island if you are into celebrity spotting. Sundays are also great at the Tropicana beach club. It can get pricey so save a few bucks eating like the locals at the wonderful Spanish chiringuitos.

2. Gordon Beach Tel Aviv Israel

Gordon Beach Tel Aviv Israel

Tel Aviv’s greatest pull is undoubtedly its Mediterranean coastline, which gives the city the same feel as Rio and Barcelona. There are eight main beaches in town, each having its own distinctive flavor and clientele. Gordon Beach is opposite the Sheraton Hotel and is the clear favorite among visitors, its packed with families, teens, both local and on holiday. If you want to escape the noise, hit it early in the morning when its not only quieter but a favorite among swimmers and beach workout types. The beach is gay friendly having hosted the Tel Aviv gay pride party.

3. Super Paradise Beach Mykonos Island Greece

Super Paradise Beach Mykonos Island Greece

There is no denying that if you hit Mykonos, you are more than likely there to party – this is the number one place to go. While it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, with amazing blue waters and soft golden sands, most people are on their way to enjoy the late night beach parties at Super Paradise Beach. This beach club is very crowded in peak season, and our number one tip if you are visiting is, keep your taxi drivers number, its an absolute pain to get home from in the early hours. If you are thinking of booking a trip, we suggest going during the week rather than on the weekend, when its more busy and packed with ‘hungry’ locals.

4. Little Beach Hawaii

Little Beach in Wailea Hawaii

Its a tough walk (unless you are a fit surfer type) up a cliff at Big Beach’s north end, but its worth it. This is one of those beaches that you dream of with perfect sand running into a perfect turquoise ocean. Although nudism is technically illegal on the island, a blind eye is turned to this beach. You dont need to strip off, but you can expect the usual dangly bits on display. We recommend visiting on Sundays when during sunset a large crowd forms for a drum circle and fire dancing. You should be aware that there are no amenities or life guards, so be prepared, and as the beach is small – hence its name, it does get crowded. If you are in Waii, you owe it to yourself to visit little beach at-least once.

5. White Beach Boracay Philippines

White Beach Boracay Philippines

Boracay is one of 7107 tropical islands in the Philippine archipelago, and as the name suggests white beach is a stunningly white. The water is clear and blue and white beach is hailed as one of the best beaches in the world. White beach is lined with restaurants and hotels and plenty of sun loungers and activities are available for all tourist types. The sand is like flour and ultra fine making it an ideal place to just sunbathe and absorb the rays. We recommend you head to station two for nightlife and go from Bombom bar to Coco to Epic to Exit – each has a unique feel and you are sure to have a hedonistic time!

6. Haad Rin Beach Koh Phangan Thailand

Haad Rin Beach Koh Phangan Thailand

Our list would be incomplete without a shout out to the infamous full moon beach party at Haad Rin. Lets cut to the chase, this is NOT regular Thailand, this is a WILD party. All along the crescent shaped beach upwards of 30,000 people descend each month for a night of intense revelry. Thousands of lamps are lit all along the beach and as the evening progresses the beach explodes into a dancing frenzy. There really is something for everyone here, including all types of music, jugglers, fire-eaters and fireworks. Our protip…. wear closed shoes, the beach gets covered in trash, and go with friends as there is a lot of drunken craziness.

7. Copacabana Beach Rio De Janeiro Brazil

Copacabana Beach Rio De Janeiro Brazil

The Copacabana is arguably the most famous of all beaches. It covers an area of nearly 8km and has an amazing promenade stretching 4km along the beach. Some tourists complain that its overly commercial, but if you plan in advance you can find cheap options for everything from sun loungers to cocktails. You usually have to pay to use the toilets, but the beach is incredibly well looked after and surprisingly clean for the amount of people who visit daily. Vendors walk along the beach with snacks, water, and the obligatory cocktails. This is a legendary beach, but our pro-tip is visit for new years eve, when it hosts one of the worlds best fireworks display and party!

8. ULTRA Europe, Split, Croatia

ULTRA Europe Split, Croatia

Ok so technically this isn’t just a beach but a MASSIVE EDM festival running from the 15-17th July, but its right next to the beach and and includes the ULTRA beach party. Expect around 150,000 party goers to travel from all over the world for one of the best EDM events of the year. Previous line ups have included The Chemical Brothers, David Guetta, Tiesto, and Afrojack. Although UTLTA started in Miami, we say that the European version is better and more fun. Advance tickets are going for €169 with early bird VIP tickets at €199 – go for the VIP tickets! Oh in case you are wondering, Split is awesome to visit all season long in case you dont like dance music and want a quieter time.