Why Tinder Is Ruining Your Dating Life

Tinder! It’s only been around a few short years but it seems that EVERYONE is using it, at least with the 18/40 age bracket.

If you’ve ever used the app, you’ve probably instinctively reached the conclusion that “it just isn’t right for me” if you’re a woman, and “Total waste of time” if you’re a man. In this article we’ll attempt to show WHY it doesn’t work out well for either sex (except for a tiny % of users). You might be surprised at what we have to say.

1. Most women judge men VERY harshly from their photos.


The average guy who starts using Tinder is going to have a very hard time on the basis of their photos. A comprehensive study was carried out by OK Cupid (based on a sample size of millions of users) to determine the effect of profile photos on the amount of mail men and women receive. Unsurprisingly, it is hugely important : the better the photo, the more uninitiated contact you get, and the higher chance of a response to a sent email. Stands to reason, right?

What is surprising is just how harshly women judge men based on their photos.

Have a look at this graph
1 Female-Messaging-maleattractiveness

The grey line shows that an incredible 80% of women rate men as worse looking than average. Ouch.

The same study also showed that men are FAR kinder, and judged relatively normal, average looking women as just that : average. Not worse, not ugly. Just average. You would expect to see this kind of graph from a normally distributed set of data.

However, men disproportionately initiate contact with the upper end of women in terms of attractiveness. When you combine that with the data from the graph above, you have a situation where the upper end girls get SO many emails, that she is swamped for choice. Combine that with the fact that because women judge men so harshly, it becomes clear that the average guy is NEVER going to get a look in. Even the better looking guys are facing fierce competition.

From the female side, when women do email men, they go for only the top 10% or so. What this means for the female thought process is this: An average looking woman (as rated by millions of samples from the OK cupid dating site) is convinced that the average man is not good enough for her, and so pursues (or responds to) only the top 10% or so.

Basically it’s a giant mess in which 90% of men get NOTHING, a few guys get all the joy, and most women don’t get what they want either.

Now that is based on OK Cupid. Multiply that by 10 because Tinder is really all about photos and it’s so easy to swipe left or right, and you will see that for the average guy (and woman too) Tinder is a complete waste of time.