Ahhh..The Bad Boy. Irresistible to women, admired by men. What man wouldn´t secretly want to be like one of these guys?

And what woman wouldn´t want to be beside him?

Here we present the Top 10 Celebrity Bad Boys…

10. Johnny Depp

1 Johnny Depp

Famous in his younger years for hard partying, drinking and drug taking, Depp had to make it onto our list.

He´s since matured and become a changed man, after becoming a father and marrying his long time girlfriend but there is still a wicked gleam in his eye which makes you think he could turn at any moment…

9. Russell Brand

2 Russell Brand

Famous for his recreational drug and and extensive escapades with numerous women (he once claimed to have 10 on the go at any one time), Brand is an obvious addition to our list…

8. Sean Penn

3 Sean Penn

Penn looks somewhat different to this photo nowadays with his famous crinkly face, but still has the anti authority and womanising vibe which hasn´t changed as he has got older. Ladies…beware!

7. Shia Le Beouf

4 Shia Le Beouf

Shia has been in trouble with the police on numerous occasions, being arrested for drunk and disorderly, public outbursts and seems to be getting worse with age. Perhaps he feels he never got it out of his system when he was a geeky teenager, or something…

6. Jonathon Rhys Meyers

5 Jonathon Rhys Meyers

He´s been to rehab several times, and is also well acquainted with the inside of a jail cell. Still, this only seems to make him even more interesting and appealing to women…

In other news, men all over the world scratch their heads and say…BUT WHY!!

5. Kayne West

6 Kayne West

We hesitated before adding him to the list, but after extensive research Kayne finally makes it. Trouble is, he proclaims himself to be a Bad Boy a bit too often, whereas the others let their antics speak for themselves…

4. Jude Law

7 Jude Law

Jude is added to the list largely on the strength of cheating on long time partner Sienna Miller. Like most celebrity bad boys, Jude seems to know that any woman no matter how beautiful can only ever be 1 woman..And a man has to sow his wild oats!

3. Robert Downey Junior

8 Robert Downey Junior

Famous for legal troubles and truly staggering drug use, Robert seems to have put his hell raising days behind him..For now. He still amusingly gets prickly in interviews when he doesn´t like the questions however, and has been known to walk out on the interviewer.

Good on you, Tony Stark!

2.Christian Bale

9 Christian Bale

We´re getting to the biggest bad boys on the list now and Christian is almost right at the top. Look at his choice of film roles and appreciate his VERY hot temper and you´ll see why he´s number 2…But next..

1. Colin Farell

10 Colin Farell

The number 1 celebrity bad boy award goes to Colin Farell. Irresistible to women, womaniser, drug taking, drinking and partying to excess are just some of his accolades to put him right at the number 1 slot. He´s also famously brawled with other celebrities, as well as sleeping with other celebrity girlfriends, then bragged about it in the media.

A true Bad Boy in ever meaning of the word! Well done indeed Mr Farell.