If you´re looking to find the worlds hottest nationalities, look no further than our comprehensive list. Our ranking of the best looking nationalities is based solely on physical attractiveness and sex appeal. You´ll also find out a little more about each country in our write up of their character.

Note: Check this out for a list of the top 20 cities to find the worlds hottest women. You’ll love this post!

10: Hottest Ethnicity Women – Italy


What can one say about Italian women? Their Mediterranean olive-skin in combination with their gorgeous bodies makes a perfect blend – number ten on our list of sexiest nationalities. They are usually tall, dark or curly-haired with stunning bodies and green eyes. They are also extremely into fashion. Watch out for their temper though!

If you’re a red blooded male and you want to meet a hot Italian girl, you’re best off heading towards Milan or Rome. Be warned though, the local Italian men are very protective of their women so they will try and interrupt your efforts wherever they can. For the ladies, Milan and Rome offer some of the best places to pick up haute couture fashion anywhere in the world, whilst relaxing in the beautiful surroundings and eating the gorgeous Italian food. Oh and many women love Italian guys too!

9: Hottest Nationality – Ukraine


Considered to be the most fierce and boldest women on the planet, Ukrainian women are also among the world’s sexiest race, and make no 9 on our list. They are similar in character to Russian women – they are hot, sexy and cute! Be careful though – they love money and shopping!

Unfortunately Ukraine is involved in severe strife with the various geo – political struggles, though this is supposedly not too much of an issue for the capital (Kiev). If you do happen to visit Kiev, the Arena nightclub is actually owned by the Klitchko’s (former world heavyweight boxing champions), so be advised : don’t get drunk and leery, as Ukrainain men take zero trouble off anyone and will not hesitate to teach you a lesson!

8: Best Looking Nationality – Argentina


Whenever you mention the world’s best looking nationality, Argentinian women are sure to be mentioned. The majority of the female population in Argentina takes really good care when it comes to their skin and hair. Argentinian women are also up to date with fashion trends. They are also aware that they look truly stunning and that they can leave any man speechless. If you get with an Argentinian girl be careful though, they can be lazy and eat too much so don´t let them blow up into a fattie once they´re with you!

Argentinian girls are typically very emotional creatures, so be careful with their feelings and make sure you treat them like the princesses they are.

7: Hottest Races – Colombia


Colombia’s neighbor, Venezuela, attracts most of the attention with its perennial Miss Universe Pageant winners, but where it matters, on the streets, Colombian girls are just a bit hotter than their Venezuelan counterparts. Why the country doesn’t do better in beauty pageants is anyone’s guess, but maybe, just maybe, Colombian women are too hot for pageants? Check out the city of Cartagena on the Caribbean coast to see a place that really dazzles, but watch out, you might not want to come back.

Be sure to have a stealthy check of their body parts though, they are famous for bum and boob implants, so don´t go on airplanes with them incase they start exploding all over the place.

6: Sexiest Race – Serbia


Number six on our list of the hottest ethnicity woman are Serbian women. They are the stunning result of a perfect combination of Mediterranean and Slavic genes. With perfect figures, striking eyes and sexy bodies, these women will leave you speechless on sight. Their bodies are ideally proportioned – curvy hips, long legs, round bottom and proper set of bosoms will make you want to move there. Serbian women are as beautiful as models and more and more of them are appearing as actresses in Hollywood movies.

If you decide to visit the capital in Belgrade, you’ll also be amazed at the cheap cost of living and great weather (especially in the summer – winters can be very harsh). This is a must visit place for any man who loves the company of beautiful women.

5: Sexiest Nationality – Sweden


The women in Sweden are just hot, period. They are tall, their body is slim and they have blond hair and blues eyes. They attract the most men from around the globe.

Unfortunately though they have embraced feminism a little too eagerly, so you need to be strong around these women or you´ll end up hen pecked and emasculated when they try and boss you around. Never give an inch with Swedish women!

A note : If you visit Sweden, be prepared for the truly insane costs there / it’s surely one of the most expensive places on the planet for basic amenities and food etc. But when you see the women..You’ll think it’s totally worth it!

4: Sexiest Nationalities – South Korea


The highest ranked Asian country on the list, the women in South Korea are the No 1 best looking nationality in Asia and are truly beautiful. It’s no surprise that South Korea fulfills the role in Asia of a cultural icon. Korean pop groups, television soap operas and fashion trends are immensely popular throughout the continent.

These girls also know how to treat a man, and are naturally submissive.

The best time to visit is in the height of summer, and avoid the tourist spots. And, er, obviously avoid heading towards North Korea, bad things will happen to you there regardless of how charming you are!

3: Sexiest Races – Venezuela


We seriously doubt that the rest of the planet is unfamiliar with the beauty of Venezuelan women. They have some of the most gorgeous women on the planet. To confirm that fact, we can only point out that they have won more Miss Universe and Miss World titles than any other nation, making them officially one of the world’s sexiest races! They look so hot and amazing that they have laws protecting the beauty of their women. How amazing is that?

Try this as an experiment : type Venezuelan into Google and you will see that “Venezulan women” pops up as the no 1 recommended search. It is obvious that men worldwide have heard of the legendary beauty of these extraordinary women…

2: World’s Sexiest Nationality – Russia


The beauty queens of the eastern bloc, Russian women are most recognizable by their height, amazing skin and body and jaw-dropping blue eyes. The percentage of women with amazing figures is way above the average. They usually have amazing legs too, and your eyes will pop out when you see them walking elegantly around.

They can be cold and very logical though, so you really need to be on top form to grab one of these beauties.

Pro tip for men attempting to chat to Russian women : they can initially appear very cold for the first minute or so whilst they asses you / with stony face and hard eyes. Keep calm and keep talking though and they can warm up very quickly – when they do Russian women are probably the loveliest on the planet.

1: Hottest Race In The World – Brazil


The land of mystery and beauty, Brazil wins our list of hottest nationalities. With hot bodies and amazing beauty, these South American gorgeous women are also considered to be the sportiest in the world. Even though they have dark tans and brown eyes, don’t be surprised when you see some of the most stunning looking blonds too.

They are also naturally affectionate and loving and are generally the perfect women!

Brazil should be on the list for any red blooded male who wants to meet the hottest women in the world…

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