We´ve all heard the expression “Her face is her fortune”. Celebrities have been cashing in for years on the basis of their beauty, looks, and talent (to a certain degree!)

In this article, we explore the 10 most expensive celebrity body parts by their insurance values. We think you´ll be amazed at some of the unusual body parts, and the ridiculous sums involved.

10. Rihanna´s Legs – $1,000,000

 Rhianna Insurance Legs, Rhianna Insurance Policy Legs, Rihanna Insurance Body Parts

Rihanna has had her legs insured for a cool $1m. A big part of the reason for her expensive legs is that she had a sponsorship deal with Gilette to promote their “Venus Breeze Legs Of A Goddess” Campaign. Gilette thus had an incentive to keep her legs from , well, falling off we guess, and this registered the insurance value at $1000,000.

We are happy to report Rihanna´s legs and indeed Rihanna herself are alive an well, though we are not sure the insurance claim is active any longer in 2015.

9. Miley Cyrus Tongue – $1,000,000

 Miley Cyrus Insurance Tongue, Miley Cyrus Insurance Policy Tongue, Miley Cyrus Insurance Body Parts

Miley has a curious habit of sticking her tongue out – the so called “sticky tongue” – whenever a camera comes near her. Don´t believe us? Look at all of her pictures and 80% of them have her doign some sort of tongue contorsion (we must admit it looks cute).

Because of this, Miley has insured her beloved tongue for $1m. She still flicks it out like a drunken lizard at every opportunity, so we suspect the insurance company feel they are getting their money´s worth should they ever need to pay out.

8. Kim Kardashian Buttocks – $21,000,000

Kim Kardashian Insurance Buttocks, Kim Kardashian Insurance Policy Buttocks, Kim Kardashian Insurance Body Parts

The famous Kardashian backside, and by god we´ve seen a lot of it. Kim´s bum almost has a life on it´s own (literally!), and besides serving as a useful place to rest a tray of sandwiches, it is also responsible for a big part of her fame and fortune.

So much so infact, that Kim has had it insured at a scarecely believable $21m.

7. Daniel Craig Whole Body – $8,000,000

Daniel Craig Insurance Body, Daniel Craig Insurance Policy Body, Daniel Craig Insurance Body Parts
The Richest.Com

Mr James Bond himself is getting on a bit in years and has had numerous injuries whilst on set filming movies about the world´s most famous spy.

For this reason he´s insured his whole body for a whopping $8m, not as much as Kim´s butt we must admit, but very respectable indeed.

Daniel is apparently completely fed up of filming James Bond and never again wants to step into 007´s shoes…

6. David Beckham Legs – $70,000,000

David Beckham Insurance Legs, David Beckham Insurance Policy Legs, David Beckham nsurance Body Parts
The Richest.Com

David Beckham´s legs, the most sensible insurance item on this list so far, we feel. With an international career spanning over a decade, plus lucrative sponsorhip deals, David´s fine legs are worth a staggering $70m (he has the insurance policy to prove it too!).

This seems like a staggering sum, but when you factor in all the promotional work he´s done, how much TV advert time he has had, it all seems to make more sense.

5. Claudia Schiffer Face – $1,000,000

Claudia Schiffer Insurance Legs, Claudia Schiffer Insurance Policy Legs, Claudia Schiffer Insurance Body Parts

She´s getting a little older now but back in the 80s Claudia Schiffer was arguably THE supermodel, when supermodels were a thing.

She´s been on the cover of an incredibe 1000 magazine covers, so it´s no wonder she registered an insurance policy for her face for $1m.

Claudia seems like a down to earth sort of girl, not a money grabber, and has turned down numerous “dates” with very rich oil sheiks, because she didn´t find them attractive. Good for her!

4. Holly Millers Breasts – $1,000,000

Holly Miller Insurance Breasts, Holly Miller Insurance Policy Breasts, Holly Miller Insurance Body Parts

Former Playmate of the year, Holly Miller has had plastic surgery on her breasts to turn them into 36D monsters. She obviously considers them one of her major assets, registering an insurance policy for them of $1m.

3. Bruce Springsteen Voice – $5,700,000

Bruce Springsteeen Insurance Voice, Bruce Springsteeen Insurance Policy Voice, Bruce Springsteeen Insurance Body Parts

The veteran singer and performer has been producing hit records for decades now. His famously gravelly tones have been insured for a whopping $5.7m, due to their perceived worth over the remainder of his career. Bearing in mind the number of hit records he´s produced that still earn royalties to this day, this insurance amount seems reasonable to us.

2. Kylie Minogue Butt – $5,000,000

Kylie Minogue Insurance Buttocks, Kylie Minogue Insurance Policy Buttocks,Kylie Minogue Insurance Body Parts
The Richest.Com

The diminutive but perky Aussie star is still going strong, even after a cancer scare and at age 46. Her famously pert derriere has been insured for a staggering $5m, largely due to it´s worth in advertising (her most recent campaign involved a spoof of the famous Coppertone ad), plus she still features on the cover of numerous big publication glossy magazines. Respect.

1. Mariah Carey Legs – $1,000,000,000

Mariah Carey Insurance Legs, Mariah Carey Insurance Policy Legs,Mariah Carey Insurance Body Parts

Yes, we wrote that right. Mariah Carey has her legs insured for an eye watering $1billion. Mariah was also involved in Gilette´s “legs of a goddess” campaign along with Rihanna, but we are completely at a loss to explain why they are considered to be worth 1000 times more than Rihanna´s legs.

Nevertheless, Gilette took out an insurance policy for this insane amount, and who are we to argue?

So what are your thoughts? Why would Mariah Carey´s legs be worth so much? Comments below please!