Mens Sexiest Body Parts : 10 Abs

1 Abs

Most men reading this will ruefully smile as we pretty much all know women love strong, conditioned abs.

Unfortunately we also know that they are probably the hardest body part to develop. Sure you can do crunches all day long but a good set of abs is 80% down to diet, plain and simple.

To get the worthy abs that will make women drool, you need to cut your body fat down to 12% maximum (and probably more). This means watching what you eat religiously, and certainly no binge drinking beer at weekends.

There´s usually a good evolutionary reason for a woman´s visual preferences, and it turns out that high fat storage in the abs region is indicative of low testosterone, and therefore lower drive and fertility. Check out Gorden Patzers book “Looks – why they matter more than you ever imagined for more.

Sexy Male Body Parts : 9 A Strong Posterior

2 ass

Guess what, when you walk around women check out your bum just as much as you check out theirs (well, almost).

A strong, well developed bum is a sign of hard to fake physical strength. As we all know, virtually EVERY man hates leg day at the gym – this is why you´ll see loads of guys with developed upper bodies and twig like legs (a look that most women find ridiculous, by the way). To develop your glutes you HAVE to squat, probably the least favourite exercise known to man because, it´s just HARD. This is why very few men have strong glutes.

Nevertheless, according to a poll of 1000 women on, a good developed bum is well worth squatting for.

Hottest Men’s Body Parts: 8 Wide, Strong Shoulders

3 shoulders

According to a study carried out at the universtity of Albany, a womans sexual satisfaction is strongly linked to her partners attractiveness and shoulder breadth.

Now we´re not saying that you need to be The Rock, but if you´re a narrow shouldered geek you CAN improve this with regular gym work and the results will pay off in terms of attention from the ladies.

Broad, well defined shoulders are yet another indicator of physical strength and masculinity, and men with a good shoulder to hip ratio (yes, studies have looked at mens ratios too!) are reported to meet a partner at an earlier age and on average have more partners.

Sexy Male Body Parts : 7 Ripped, Tapered Back

4 back

According to a 2013 study published in the Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences, back broadness accounts for 79% of the variability in a womans perceived attractiveness to a man.

The same study highlighted that back broadness is even more important than height, oh, and his genital size too And there you were thinking height was all important. Lucky for us men we can improve our back but obviously not height.

6 Strong Arms

5 arms

Ah yes, the arms. This is what most guys work furiously in the gym, despite it being only a relatively small muscle.

A study of 100 women carried out by found arms as the biggest turn on. Now we must admit, 100 is a small sample size but nevertheless we have to concede that many women do indeed look at arms as a sign of manliness.

Pro Tip: Work the triceps just as much as the biceps, they are actually much larger muscles and account for arm thickness more than the biceps.

5. A Powerful Chest

6 chest

Another body part that pops up in Peretts book The New Science Of Human Attraction, women prefer a man who looks like he could actually hunt and kill (again, genetic fitness). Think narrow waist, broad shoulders and a hard, strong chest.

Interestingly for all those guys who bulk up at the gym, this isn´t anywhere near as attractive to women according to Perett´s book. Instead focus on functionality : muscles that are strong and can actually DO something functionally.

Perhaps we should spend more time doing body weight exercises. If you´ve ever tried them you will know how hard they are, but they are excellent for functional, core strength.